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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yoga And Buddhism

The essential teachings of yoga and Buddhism is about selflessness, impermanence, the wheel of birth and death, transcending suffering, and egoism and ignorance as the root cause of suffering.

Cultivate detachment, non-attachment, non-identification, dispassion, renunciation, right discrimination towards the real and unreal, purification, loving kindness, charity, generosity, selfless service, eradication of the impurities of anger, hatred, jealousy, passionate lustful desire, greed, pride and arrogance.

Practice self-control over the thoughts, actions and speech, control over the sexual desire/sexual energy, universal common sense, right conduct, right view, right understanding, positive thinking, gratitude, patience, perseverance, tolerance, adaptation, acceptance, adjustment and accommodation.

Following the middle path, finding a Guru/teacher, renunciation from worldly life, retreat from worldly sensual pleasure and material enjoyments.

Detach from likes and dislikes, craving and aversion.

Philosophy about selflessness/non-separateness/oneness/equality/non-dualism, the consciousness, the perceiver and the perceived, mind perceptions of names and forms, limitations and conditions of life existence and the physical body, and the bondage of ceaseless and restless selfless impermanent changes – governed by the nature's law of cause and effect.

Practice about mind purification, quieting the restless modification of the mind, disciplining the senses, concentration, meditation, self-reliance, self-discipline, fearlessness, faith under direct experience, self-inquiry, self-realization, truthfulness, calmness, compassion and wisdom.

Everything is non-self or selfless/existence of life or object depends on energy and the element of ether, fire, earth, wind and water.

Practice control and withdrawal of the senses from the objects, stand as a witness towards the worldly phenomena and impermanence, non-identification with the body and the mind, non-attachment towards actions/renounce from the fruit of actions.

Philosophy about namelessness and formlessness, attributelessness, silence, samadhi, consciousness and subconsciousness, transcending good and evil, positive and negative, right and wrong based on worldly egoistic thinking and belief.

The nature of all and everything, the selfless universal consciousness, or the universal selfless Self, is pure existence, pure knowledge, pure bliss, peaceful silence, oneness/non-separateness – universal consciousness and individual consciousness is the same consciousness.

Practice eradication of mental defilement or corruption, do good and stop doing bad, non-harming, non-violence, simplicity, contentment, Satsanga/company of the wise, right livelihood, right thinking, right actions, right speech, Mauna/silence.

Controlling the thought waves/thought activties, practice one-pointedness of the mind, stilling the thought waves.

Philosophy about food energy influencing the states of the mind, and controlling the basic craving of hunger and thirst.

Seeing and accepting the truth in everything as it is, being at the present moment from moment to moment, letting go the past and the future. The only reality is the present moment now. The past is just histories and memories. The future is just wild imaginations projecting into the future.

The path of self-realization/enlightenment, is knowing the ultimate Truth – who am I? or What is 'I'? Beyond existence and non-existence. Transcending time, space and causation.

Wisdom and self-realization is arising from within, not coming from the outside, not from studying, but from purification and eradication of the ignorance, egoism and impurities in our mind and stilling the thought waves.

And thus, we can see there are many paths with different practices under different names and forms and terminologies, but they all came from the same origin/root and will lead us back to the same place/our real refuge/eternal peace. If we don’t know what is non-attachment and non-identification, or namelessness and formlessness, then we will not know and understand what is non-dualism, selflessness and oneness. We will only see lots of differences in this and that, but we cannot see beyond all the differences of names and forms, that everything is one same consciousness and there is no differences in the nature of everything - selflessness and impermanence.

One of the habits of the mind is to find faults and differences in everything, and have judgment and comparison towards everything. But this is the biggest hindrance in the path towards realizing the Truth. It is bringing the mind further away from the Truth. We can never grasp what is non-duality, selflessness and oneness. One of the ways to understand this teaching of oneness from the wise, is to let go any judgments, comparisons and faults finding towards everything. Accept everything as it is. Quiet the mind. And then we will start to see the truth of no differences/oneness/non-separateness beyond all the names and forms.

If we are becoming more calm, cheerful, positive, fearless and worry-less, not being affected by our likes and dislikes, and having less cravings and aversions, then know that we are on the right path. If we are becoming more grumpy, agitated, unhappy, depressed, negative, full of fear and worries, easily being affected by our likes and dislikes, and having more cravings and aversions, then know that we have moved away from the right path. If so, just be aware, let go the past, move back onto the right path, and move on with more vigor and correct understanding. There is no need to keep watching other people’s practice and progression, but always be aware of our own practice and progression on the path, without attachment, identification, judgment, comparison or expectation.

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