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Saturday, January 9, 2010

About Birth And Death

Birth and death is happening every moment within our body. All the thoughts, feelings, sensations, regeneration of cells, each heart beat and each breath are arising and passing away from moment to moment. Birth and death is not just about living beings being born and die. It is the impermanence of everything. The present moment is both the past and the future. It is a continuous stream of selfless impermanent existence of names and forms from moment to moment. The past moment is not separated from the present moment or the next moment.

People celebrate births, but are very fearful and mourning towards deaths. Death is being seen as something bad or sad. Everyone has a strong survival instinct to avoid injury and death towards this physical body. This is due to not knowing the true nature of living beings.

If there is birth, there will be death. If we want to be free from death, we need to know how to be free from birth. When there is no birth, there is no death. It is the same for other things. If we want to be free from unhappiness or suffering, we need to know how to transcend happiness. If we are still looking for happiness; and want to have happiness, we will not be free from unhappiness.

Under the teachings of yoga and buddhism, the source of all selfless impermanent existence of names and forms is untouched by birth and death (Impermanence). Birth and death only happen onto the physical body, the mind, the energy, the elements and all the things that is under certain names and forms. The Self or universal consciousness is beginningless and endless. It has no birth and no death, no qualities, no intentions, and untouched by time, space and causation. It is unlimited and unconditioned. It is pure existence. It is the embodiment of unconditional peace, no colours, no shapes, no sounds, no smells, no tastes, no feels, no thoughts, no elements, no energy, no inside, and no outside. When the mind realized selflessness, being free from the idea of 'I' or the ego, it is not distinct from and it is identical with the Self, there's no fear and worry at all. There is no difference between birth and death of restless impermanent changes. It is beyond birth and death, good and evil.

Some people couldn’t grasp this state of selflessness, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness. The minds understand that as all kinds of names and forms, including this thinking mind that is perceiving a worldly life existence in this present moment now, do not exist at all. They misunderstood about selflessness or non-self. The minds think that it means there is no existence of anything at all and the entire world of names and forms stop existing upon enlightenment. When the mind is still full of impurities and the intellect is impure and couldn’t perceive something that is beyond names and forms, people will have this great fear about losing themselves in meditation. Selflessness is the nature of all and everything, living beings and non-living beings or objects. Upon the annihilation of the selfish ego or the impure lower self-identity, all and everything is identical with the Self or the universal selfless pure consciousness, pure existence, pure bliss and pure knowledge. Non-self is about all and everything that is changing impermanently and selflessly, where everything that the mind perceives through the senses, including the body and the modification of the mind that the ignorant mind identifies as 'I', are not in its control and there is no certainty and solid permanent existence in all these names and forms. Nothing in this selfless impermanent world can exist without the supportive energy and the elements of space, fire, water, air and earth. Names and forms cannot exist independently.

May all beings be blessed with pure intellect to be able to grasp or realize this selfless Self or universal consciousness, where all and everything arising from, resting upon, changing and passing away, that is undetermined and unaffected by birth and death (restless impermanence), happiness and unhappiness, good and evil.

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