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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About Satyam - Truthfulness

Truthfulness is the embodiment of the Self. The Self is the ultimate truth because it is the knower as well as the source of everything. Everything manifests from the Self and will dissolve in the Self. But the Self itself is untouched or unaffected by anything although everything manifests from it.

We all want to know the truth of everything. We don’t want to be in doubt and we are fear of the unknown and are dissatisfied with our limited and conditioned intellect. If we know the Self, we will know the truth of everything, and we will be free from doubts and fears; and there will be no more dissatisfaction.

The basis of everything is truthfulness. Without truthfulness, there is no meanings in everything. When we tell lies, all our words are meaningless. When we are being hypocrite, all our actions and speech has no real meanings, they all are just acting and lies. That’s the truth of it – being untrue.

Knowledge based on truth. If it is not true and is incorrect, it is not real knowledge but false information. The truth of the false knowledge is untrue. It still has the truth in itself.

Real relationships are based on truthfulness. What is love when someone doesn’t really love the other person but telling him or her this sentence of “I love you”? And the truth in this “love” is there is no love at all. It still has its own truth in it.

A good relationship is based on trust and love. Without truthfulness, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no real love but full of jealousy and doubts. What is the meaning of the relationship then?

For some people, sometimes the truth of things can be very uncomfortable or unacceptable or painful for them. Some people prefer not knowing the truth and live in their own self-imagining world and having their own expectation towards everything hoping everything will be exactly as what they want it to be.

Sometimes not knowing the truth is not a bad idea either, if the truth can cause serious damages to our hearts. But this is not the path of salvation – to be free from miseries completely.

The path of salvation is to be able to know the truth and accept the truth as it is. That will really free us from suffering, clear our doubts and fears. It is identifying with the wisdom itself. The knower is the wisdom to know itself.

Without truthfulness in our actions and speech in our conducts is not a sin or a crime, but it is an obstacle in the path that hinders us to see the Truth, to attain self-realization. Without truthfulness, how can we know the truth?

Self-realization is nothing but knowing the Truth. Truth is enlightenment. Without truthfulness, the state of “enlightenment” is not real.

We can deny or negate all beings and everything that we perceive in the mind, and say that all these are not real. We can say that the entire world, the life existence, the body, the mind, and whatever being perceived in the past and now is unreal, as all are selfless and impermanent without solid permanent existence, but we cannot deny the existence of the silent witness that is the knower of all these phenomena arising and passing away. And the knower of all the phenomena before, during and after the manifestation of selfless impermanent names and forms arising, changing and passing away, is the Self, the ultimate truth itself.

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