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Thursday, January 7, 2010

About Guru Or Teacher

Everyone and everything is our guru or teachers. Our body, the mind, the intellect, the ego, the breath, the entire life existence, the birth and death of every moment, the impermanence, happiness, suffering, and everything that we are experiencing is our guru or teachers. But above all, the greatest guru is our Self.

Before a person know the path, he or she needs a guide (guru or teacher) to show him or her the path, and give him or her some advices and how to deal with obstacles. But after that it is up to the person itself to walk the path all by himself or herself. But he or she is never alone because there are many others on the path as well.

Anybody, good beings or not good beings, they all are our teachers. We learn from observing and experiencing. But need not burn ourselves till death to know how is the painful sensation cause by being burnt by fire.

If on the path, we meet some good company (Satsanga) who can uplift us in this spiritual path, then it will be very nice. And if we meet some bad company (Kutsanga) who are pulling us down from the spiritual path, then it will be a great opportunity to test our firmness, faith and determination. It is not bad either.

No matters how great or enlightened is our teacher; and we are being taught about lots of great knowledge and wisdom, it is still up to our own self to walk the path and experience what has been taught by our teacher; to know the Truth by our own self and receive the fruit of all our actions by our own self alone.

Somebody said honey is sweet and salt is salty. But if we haven’t tasted honey and salt before, we won’t know how sweet is the honey and how salty is the salt.

If I am hungry and thirsty, I have to eat and drink to make the hunger and thirst to go away. Some other people are eating and drinking won’t take away our hunger and thirst.

If I am ignorant and have lots of impurities; and create lots of unhappiness for myself, and thus I feel unhappy and not somebody else. Like wise, someone is ignorant and has impurities; and creates lots of unhappiness for himself or herself and not somebody else, unless somebody else willingly want to be affected or influenced by this person’s unhappiness and become unhappy as well.

But if I do bad and create bad karma, I will reap the karma all by myself. No one else, not our guru, our parents, our friends, our partner, our children or an enlightened being can replace me and suffer for me. If I suffer illness and experience great pain in my body, no one else can suffer that for me. When death comes upon this physical body, no one can replace me nor can I escape death.

If I have only the happy seeds, then all my experiences in my life will be happy and joyful. If I have only the unhappy seeds, then all my experiences in my life will be unhappy and sad. But for most of us, we are having the combination of both happy and unhappy seeds. Sometimes we experience happiness and other times we experience unhappiness.

May all beings be happy and found this great guru or teacher in our hearts.

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