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Saturday, January 23, 2010

About Neti Neti

Neti neti, not this not this…

This is a negation process of all the qualities and all the names and forms, and what left is who or what we really are?

We can start with anything that we think who we are. Start from the grossest to the subtlest. Like the name, the title, the body, the mind, the ego, the intellect, the thoughts, the feelings, the sensations, the memories, the imaginations, the senses, the awaking state, the dream state, the deep sleep state, the personality, the character, the success, the achievement, the past life, the present life, the future life, the breath, the heartbeat, the energy, the egg, the sperm, the cell, the atom, the flesh, the bones, the organs, the blood, the hormone, the glands, the nerves, the brains, the muscles, the skin, our image in the mirror, the social status, the educational level, the knowledge, the emotion, the likes and dislikes, the anger, the hatred, the passion, the jealousy, the relationship, the responsibility, the duty, the son, the daughter, the brother, the sister, a man, a woman, a human being, the father, the mother, the husband, the wife, the friend, the student, the teacher, the believer, the good, the bad, the happiness, the unhappiness, the elements, the giver, the receiver, the strong, the weak, the good looking, the not good looking, the fat, the skinny, the champion, the fastest, the wise, the ignorant, the younger us, the older us, the present us, the qualities, the intentions, the will power, the courage, the self-esteem, the self-confidence, the faith, and whatever that we can think of within the limited perception of this mind. And see who we really are; why are we here; where did we come from and what are we becoming?

What we couldn’t negate after negating everything, is who I am.

Somebody argues about this theory and that theory, and believe himself or herself is this or that. There is nothing wrong with that, be happy. Never think too much until we lost our mind. Never argue until we lost our sanity. Simplicity is always easier and happier than complexity. If being happy in life is ultimately what we are looking for, then be happy no matters what we believe in, and it really doesn’t matter who we really are. If knowing the truth is what we are looking for, then be happy in the path and free ourselves from ignorance. If knowing the truth will make us feel very unhappy about ourselves and life existence, then what is the meaning of knowing the truth? And if this “truth” can make us very unhappy, then it is not really the truth either in that case. If any beliefs or practices is going to make life more complicated and suffer, then why do we still practice them? Some people gone mad or became crazy in the path looking for the truth. That is due to not knowing how to stay detached from everything that arise in the path.

Some people attached strongly to what they think is righteousness and became very angry and saved hatred towards other people that don’t have the same belief or same thinking as they have. There are wars and killings everywhere due to different beliefs or religions. This is madness. What is “righteousness” when it is promoting anger and hatred, propagating killings and destruction of love, peace and harmony?

What is the meaning of trying to create a better world and community to bring happiness to other people but we are not happy about ourselves and not happy about many things in life and in the world. How can we guide others to happiness if we ourselves are not happy and full of anger? We can share happiness with others only if we are happy, or else what are we sharing with other people? attachment? disharmony? anger? hatred? unhappiness? frustration? disappointment?

We can try to help others to transform their consciousness from the deep conditioned programming of the mind and free their hearts from delusions to create a better quality of living community and to help to generate more happier hearts and souls by educating them with wisdom, but we cannot attach to our effort and its result. We can only try our best and let go, and be happy. May all beings including “this” being be happy.

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