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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Take care of this mind before it's too late

If we truly want to do something good for ourselves and for the world, the best thing to do is to take care of this mind before it's too late. It's not about trying to interfere with or to control or to change other people's mind, to try to make the world to be the way that we like it to be or what we think it should be. When we are too busy trying to interfere with other people's mind (their thinking, belief and behavior), judging everyone and everything as good or bad and right or wrong, and expecting everyone and everything to be the way that we like it to be, or the way that we think it should be, trying to 'save' the world or to make the world a better place, in pursue for a world that we think is good and meaningful, to be able to achieve all our ambitions to live a life that we want, we might not realize that our minds are lost and drowning in restlessness of all sorts of egoism and impurities, where the mind loses the stability and clarity to think and act properly.

Those who know how to take care of their own minds, they won't be disturbed, or offended, or intimidated, or disappointed by all the different names and forms, or what is happening in the world. There's no fear or worry towards what the mind perceives as 'not good' or 'not right'. There's no clinging and craving towards what the mind perceives as pleasant, nice, enjoyable, agreeable, good, right, positive and happiness. There's no aversion towards what the mind perceives as unpleasant, not nice, not enjoyable, not agreeable, not good, not right, negative and unhappiness.

They can perform actions to benefit the world, but there's no attachment or identification or expectation towards the actions and the result of the actions.

They allow the result of the actions to be there as it is and they allow everyone to be what they are, as they are.

All suffering, conflicts, violence, or hurtful wrong doings derived from ignorance and egoism. Those who know the truth has no anger or hatred towards all kinds of ignorant behavior, neither be disturbed nor determined by it. One is peaceful as one is, disregards all the chaos and unrest in the world due to ignorance, egoism and impurities in people's mind.

If one is disturbed or offended or intimidated by something or some other people that the mind thinks is 'not good' and 'not right', then it is better for this mind to take time and space to retreat from the world or the society of all kinds of worldly activities for some time, to allow the mind to find its way back to stability and clarity before it's too late. When it's too late, the mind loses completely the ability to inquire the truth, and might lost in wild and restless random thought activities or imagination, and requires special mental care treatment and drugs to 'control' the restless mind so that one doesn't hurt oneself or others, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

What's the point of while trying to save the world from restlessness and disharmony, with great interest to know and care for what is going on in the world, and trying to be 'good people' and 'good friend' to show 'love' and 'care' for family and friends, but neglecting one's mind, losing one's peace and harmony, and losing one's own mind in restlessness and impurities of ceaseless mind reactions towards all the inputs from social interactions and medias and activities? One can't help the world but adding another 'disturbed' mind into the world that is already full of many 'disturbed' minds. The family and friends who truly care, they would understand and be supportive that we might need some time and space to be away from the worldly life to take care of this mind. Those who don't really care for us and they don't understand and being unsupportive, we don't need to mind about how they think and what they do, as taking care of our mind is more important.

One can do more to benefit the world when one's mind is in peace and harmony without being disturbed or determined by what is going in the world that the mind doesn't like or doesn't agree with, through purifying and quieting and opening the mind to perform self-inquiry and attain self-realization via the practice of eliminating the egoism of attachment, identification, desires of craving and aversion, judgment, comparison and expectation.

And this is nothing to do with the knowledge and experience of practicing and teaching the yoga poses, or the possession or accumulation of different types of qualifications and certifications, or the knowledge of physiology and anatomy, physical alignment, skills, techniques, strength and flexibility in performing the yoga asana poses, or the knowledge of different meditation techniques, or the knowledge of the different chanting and prayers, or knowing how to chant and pray correctly and nicely, or not. It also has nothing to do with whether one is a Hindu, or not, has a religion belief, or not, and believes in God, or not.

Disregards what the mind knows, experiences, thinks and believes, or not, all minds can be free, if one knows how to free one's mind from ignorance and egoism.

If 'yoga teachers' don't know this, then what do 'yoga teachers' teach to the people who come to learn 'yoga'? If the minds of the 'yoga teachers' are restless, impure and passionate, full of worldly passionate desires, ambitions and stimulation, full of egoistic attachments, identifications and expectations, then what do the 'yoga teachers' teach in the 'yoga class'?

May all be free.

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