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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Allowing the mind to see the truth as it is

Disregards what are the different qualities of names and forms that we think and believe and identify as 'I', or THIS is who I am, even when we think we are bad or not good enough or we think other people are bad or not good enough, all minds can be free from ignorance and suffering, and realize unconditional peace and love. We just need to know how to allow the mind to see the truth of all the names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses as it is, be free from ignorance, and thus be free from suffering that arise due to ignorance.

Open mind is when the mind is uninfluenced by or unattached onto any particular thinking and belief and egoistic likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, being free from judgment and expectation, to just see the truth of names and forms as it is.

Minds that attached/identified strongly onto certain cultural, social, spiritual, religious or superstitious thinking and belief, it's not easy for them to see the truth as it is, unless they willingly to let go attachment and identification, and be opened. These minds recognize, analyze, judge, and generate likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements onto all the names and forms that the minds perceive through the senses of what they see, hear, smell, taste, touch/feel and think, and expect all the names and forms to be the way that they think it should be, based on the thinking and belief about what is good and bad, right and wrong, should and shouldn't, positive and negative, happiness and unhappiness, appropriateness and disappropriateness, meaningfulness and meaninglessness, and so on.

The mind that is opened, it stands as a witness towards all the names and forms as they are, respects everything as they are. Just like the sun, the wind, the water, the earth and the space, they have no egoism of attachment, identification, craving, aversion, pride, superiority, separateness, judgement, discrimination, intention, or expectation. Just like all the cells, internal organs, sense organs and life supporting systems, they have no egoism and ceaselessly performing action to support this body and mind, until they ceased functioning.

The mind that is under the influence of the ego doesn't want to let go all the perceived names and forms, but it determines to interfere with everything that it perceives through the senses, applies judgment of good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong, enjoyment and suffering, and generates craving and aversion towards all these names and forms, and desires to possess names and forms that it likes, and desires to destroy or get rid of names and forms that it doesn't like. If it doesn't get what it desires, if it gets what it doesn't desire, it gets dissatisfied, disappointed, annoyed, furious, unhappy, angry, hating, and violent.

The egoistic mind thinks and believes that "(I) am more superior and important than other beings, and (I) deserve and have the rights to do and say what (I) like to do and say, but (I) don't allow other beings who are different from (I), to do and say what they like to do and say, which (I) don't like and don't agree with. (I) am right and good. You are different from me. You are wrong and bad. (I) deserve to live and be here. You don't deserve to live and be here. (I) can do what I want to do. You cannot do what you want to do. Just because (I) am more superior and important and deserving than you."

Even the richest person, or the most beautiful person, or the most intelligent knowledgeable person, or the most powerful influential person, or the most healthy illness-free person, or the most religious person, or the most compassionate and wise person, or the oldest person in the world will also have to go through changes, decay, weakness, aging and death, just like everyone else. What is superiority, pride and arrogance? It's merely the ignorant and selfish ego.

Some people have fear towards 'open mind', as they have been told or informed by 'somebody' that open mind is something 'evil' and 'wrong', that their souls might somehow 'float away' and don't know how to 'come back' into the mind or the body, and that they might be inviting or allowing 'evil spirits' to come into the mind and take over the mind.

Those who have the greatest fear towards open mind are not the people who were being told to be fear of open mind, but they are those who try to induce or provoke fear in the people towards open mind, as they can no longer be able to 'control' or 'influence' these people to 'manipulate' them, in order to achieve their own selfish desires and personal agenda. It's because once people allow their minds to be opened and see the truth as it is, being free from ignorance, they won't be influenced or manipulated by anyone or anything.

The people who have selfish desires and personal ambitions make use of the ignorance, egoism, feelings and emotions in other people to manipulate them to 'involuntarily' helping them to achieve their selfish desires and personal ambitions, through provoking fear, or anger and hatred, or racism, or separateness, or intolerance, or violence, and etc, in the people's mind to make people go against each other, to have fear towards each other, to cause unrest in the society, so that the people are too busy dealing with fear, anger and hatred, and won't have time and energy and attention to be aware of what is really going on behind all these unrest, so that the people won't unite together to hinder the selfish people from achieving their selfish desires and personal ambitions.

Some people might also 'misinterpret' open mind as to experience and try everything that they come in contact with, without any self-control or hesitation or responsibility, it doesn't matter if these ideas, things and activities would be harming themselves and others, to prove to themselves and others that they are 'cool' and 'fearless' and 'different' and 'special', that they are 'in-control' of themselves, that they are not conformed to the 'normal' behavior of the society. What they don't realize, is that they are already being 'influenced' or 'controlled' by the idea of want to be disobedient and want to be 'cooler' than others and 'different' from others. This is not what 'open mind' is about. This is not freedom.

Open mind is not about trying to be good or to be the opposite of good.

Either we think we want to be different and special, or we want to be all same and equal, we are not free. As long as there is clinging and craving towards something or idea that we like and agree with, and aversion towards some other thing and idea that we don't like and don't agree with, we are not free, even if we think and believe that our thinking and belief is the best, all good and perfect. Be free from anger and hatred towards something or someone that we think and believe as bad, wrong and evil. If we don't like haters who hate us, don't be one.

Allowing all the different names and forms to be what they are, as they are, without attachment or identification, craving or aversion towards all these names and forms, without trying to change the names and forms to be the way that we like it to be, or the way that we think it should be. Being undisturbed by all the different qualities of names and forms being perceived through the senses, and that is freedom.

Be free.

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