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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Inquire the truth of everything of what we've been told or informed that influence our thinking and behavior

Since we were new born babies, when we began to perceive the world of names and forms through the senses, we were told many stories and information about this is who we are and this is who we should become, or this is what we should do and shouldn't do, or this is how we should behave and shouldn't behave, or what is meaningfulness and meaninglessness, by our parents, care takers, relatives, neighbours, school teachers, religious teachers, spiritual teachers, friends, society, politicians, activists, icons, social and commercial medias, scientists, researchers, historians, artists, philosophers, and many others, as well as our own imagination.

Our minds are being conditioned to think, believe, and behave according to all these stories and information we've been told. Meanwhile our reasoning power also functions under the influence of these conditioned thinking and belief. All kinds of agreements and disagreements coming from our minds are based on this reasoning power that is influenced by these conditioned thinking and belief.

It doesn't matter what our minds think and believe what things are and how things should be like, and what we agree and disagree with, the path of yoga and meditation is to inquire the truth of everything, including all the stories and information we have been told and informed by all and everyone, even if it's coming from our most beloved people in our lives, or most respected human beings in the world.

And thus, the inquiry into the truth of everything is not done by the reasoning power of the intellectual minds that functions under the influence of the agreements and disagreements based on different types of conditioned thinking and beliefs, but, it's through freeing the mind from attaching towards any kinds of thinking and beliefs, to allow the mind to be able to see the truth of things as it is, uninfluenced by any conditioned thinking and beliefs.

When one knows about this, one is not affected or determined by all kinds of psychological influential actions and speech coming from different types of individuals or groups for fulfilling their selfish purposes out of their self-interests. When one is free from the influence of all kinds of conditioned thinking and beliefs to think, to act, and to speak, that is the true freedom of thinking, action and speech.

A student may ask the teacher - What do you believe and don't believe? or, Do you believe in this? But, what the teacher believes and doesn't believe, and whether the teacher believes in this, or not, is nothing to do with the truth, or with the student's realization of the truth. Realization of the truth doesn't come from agreeing, accepting and adopting what the teachers, or other people believe or don't believe.

May all be free.

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