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Friday, June 24, 2016

See things as they are...

People complicate about the 'TRUTH'. They think the 'TRUTH' is something sacred, and belongs to a particular religion teaching and practice.

One doesn't need to be educated and knowledgeable, or know how to read and write and count, or be able to stand on their head or hands, or perform a particular religion practice or ritual, or believe in 'God', or not, to know the truth of names and forms.

The truth of names and forms is very simple - it's seeing everything as it is. It's not a belief, or a teaching, or a philosophy. It doesn't belong to any particular person, or being, or sect, or culture, or religion, or society. The truth is always the same truth that applies to all and everyone, disregards all the different qualities of names and forms. The truth of names and forms is simply IMPERMANENCE and SELFLESSNESS. It's nothing to do with 'God', 'religion', 'good and evil', 'right and wrong', 'happiness and unhappiness', 'knowledgeable and not knowledgeable', 'intelligent and not intelligent'.

Meanwhile the cause of suffering is ignorance towards the truth of names and forms. Highly knowledgeable and intelligent people are not necessarily be free from ignorance and suffering, if they attach onto their knowledge and intelligence, and have pride and arrogance towards what they think they know and who they think they are. Those who think they have been practicing yoga for many years and attended many yoga and meditation classes and courses, are not necessarily be free from ignorance and suffering. They might still be disturbed by the names and forms that they like and don't like, agree and don't agree with, and suffer from dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, agitation, restlessness, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, feelings of hurt, loneliness, insult, humiliation, animosity, defensiveness, offensiveness, fear and worry. And it's okay, because everyone takes their own time to evolve, as to be aware of the egoism in oneself, and the elimination of egoism is quite a challenging task and unpleasant journey.

Those who see the truth never argue or debate with those who don't see the truth, and they can't make others who don't see the truth to see the truth. They allow everyone to see the truth, or not, and respect everyone has different perception of reality, thinking, belief, opinion and behavior from others.

But, if our minds are not free from ignorance and egoism, and attached onto certain thinking, beliefs, and accumulated knowledge, we don't see the truth of things as it is, even though the truth is so simple. Our minds analyze everything based on particular thinking and belief, and judge everything based on what we think we know. What we don't know, and what is different from our thinking and belief, we will deny, resist, or object. We don't want the truth that is not something that we like and want. We expect the truth to be the way that we like it to be, or the way that we think it should be. We will argue and debate with others who have different perception of reality, thinking, belief, opinion and behavior from us, and try to convince others that we know better than others. These are the games of the egoism.

Those who know the truth, and they allow the truth to be what it is and are able to live in harmony with the truth, there's no attachment towards all the impermanent names and forms, and knowing that 'I' doesn't exist at all. And hence, suffering doesn't arise in them.

Those who don't know the truth, or those who don't like the truth to be what it is, or are unable to live in harmony with the truth, but they want to challenge or go against the truth, and they want to control things or the world to be the way that they desire it to be, there's attachment towards all the impermanent names and forms, and there's identification with certain names and forms as 'I'. And hence, suffering arise in them.

To see things as they are, we need to free the mind from being conditioned by particular culture, religion, philosophy, thinking, belief, and all kinds of knowledge about this and that we have been accumulating from here and there, to just observe the nature of everything that the mind perceives through the senses. It's not difficult to see the truth of things, but it's challenging for many egoistic minds to let go what we think we know and who we think we are. As the greatest hindrance that stop the mind from seeing the truth as it is, is what the mind thinks it knows and who it thinks it is.

Our minds are being conditioned to think and behave in certain ways, and to believe in certain values and beliefs influence by our family and cultural brought up, and school education. We might become more intelligent and knowledgeable through receiving all kinds of education and knowledge about this and that, but not only it's actually feeding and empowering the egoism and ignorance in us, it's also a great obstacle for us on the path of yoga to be free from egoism and ignorance. - "This is me. This is who I am. I am intelligent and knowledgeable. I am proud of what I know and who I am." and we can never realize what is selflessness due to this great attachment towards the idea of 'I', what we think we know, and who we think we are, even though we think we have been practicing 'yoga and meditation' for many many years.

Be free.

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