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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Is it important to free the mind from ignorance and impurities?

Someone asked, "Is it important to free the mind from ignorance and impurities?"

It depends on ourselves, about what we want for ourselves in this impermanent life existence, and what we want to contribute to the world from this life existence.

Everyone has their freedom for what they want for their life, or what they want to do with their body and mind.

It's our own choice whether we are aware of the ignorance and impurities in our minds and their influence towards our life experience, whether we want to do something about the cause of unhappiness and suffering, whether we want to free our minds from ignorance and impurities, to attain real freedom and peace.

Everyone has different ways of life and meanings of life to live up to. There's no right and wrong, better or worse. It's just personal choice and preference, and might be influenced by certain circumstances.

There are people who don't mind being restless swaying in between happiness and unhappiness, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, elevation and depression, calmness and agitation, fulfillment and disappointment, and they enjoy being the slaves of passions, desires, craving and aversion.

There are people who are passionate towards the worldly life of impermanence and try to make the most out of it to enjoy life to the maximum, while they can.

There are people who spend most of their life time making a living, to survive and to feed their family.

If people are happy with that, they don't need to do anything other than living a worldly life the way that they like it to be, or the way that they think life should be, while trying to accomplish what they think is their meanings of life.

Meanwhile there were/are people who didn't/don't practice yoga and meditation, but, they did/do many amazing things for themselves and for the world.

In yoga, to conquer one's mind and attaining liberation from ignorance and suffering is being seen as the greatest meaning of life existence and the greatest contribution to the world. But, there are not many indeed.

Om shanti.

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