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Monday, January 25, 2016

Rest(ing) in peace?

Rest in peace (R.I.P) technically means peace after death.

In yoga, one doesn't need to wait until after death to be resting in peace. The mind can be resting in peace when the outgoing tendency of the mind turns inward and resting in the chamber of the heart.

The mind can be resting in peace in the present, when it is free from ignorance, egoism, attachment, craving and aversion, judgment, comparison, expectation and all sorts of impurities.

The outgoing mind doesn't really want to rest in peace. Sometimes the mind might feel tired of restlessness and it thinks it needs to have some rest being free from restlessness and be in peace, but when the mind starts to slow down and has some moments of restfulness and peace, it starts to become impatient and agitated. It wants to runaway from quietness and calmness. The mind gets use to be in actions most of the time to feel itself being existing and alive, and it loves and enjoys restlessness, excitement, stimulation, attention, drama, accumulating worldly credits, merits, acknowledgment, relationships and possessions, interacting, expressing, exchanging, judging, criticizing, expecting, anticipating, scheming, plotting, boasting, gossiping, slandering, argument, conflict and so on.

Turning the outgoing mind inward, and quieting the busy and noisy mind is the major part of yoga and meditation practice.

Om shanti.

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