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Sunday, January 3, 2016


For some people, death is a bad or horrible thing to be happening on self or others, especially when life is good and people don't expect death will be happening so soon or sudden to self or those who are close to us in life. There are still lots of things we 'think' we need to do or want to do. We are not ready to face separation with family and friends, or are not ready to let go of worldly life existence. There's resistance or aversion towards death and craving towards longer life span or existence.

For some others, death is a good thing, especially when everything in life or in the world seems to be difficult, depressing or negative, especially when oneself or those whom are close to us in life are suffering from chronic physical or mental illness and are under intensive care of care-takers for everyday life routine for many years. For them, death is a great relief from physical and mental pain and suffering. There's resistance or aversion towards difficult life condition, and physical, or emotional, or mental pain and suffering. There's craving towards death or non-existence.

But, both of these perception of death is due to ignorance and attachment towards the physical body and life existence.

In yoga and Buddhism, death is neither good nor bad. It is just a natural process of the impermanent life existence. The physical body has been forming, growing, changing, decaying and disintegrating from the moment of conception. It is a process of forming and deforming of any names and forms that are subject to the law of nature - the law of impermanence.

Realize this and let go of attachment towards the physical body and the worldly life existence, and be fearless towards 'death' or end of life existence, whether it's happening on self or those who are close to us in life. There's neither craving nor aversion towards existence or non-existence.

Om shanti.

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