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Saturday, January 30, 2016

About energy conservation in yoga and meditation

There's a cause about energy conservation in the world coming from those who love and care for the mother earth or the living environment. It's about saving natural resources that are supporting all to be living and existing on this planet.

There's also energy conservation in yoga and meditation practice, which is conserving energy and channeling the energy or life force to focus on yoga and meditation practice or performing self-inquiry to attain self-realization. It's an important role in the path of transcending ignorance and suffering.

There's nothing wrong with people being passionate about worldly life, ideas and activities, and people spend most of their energy and effort into worldly ideas and activities.

There's nothing wrong with people being dispassionate towards worldly life, ideas and activities, and spending just enough energy into the maintenance of life existence, and diverting most of the energy, attention and effort into the path of self-realization to transcend ignorance and suffering.

It's just different freedom of choice for what we want to do with our own life existence.

There's nothing to be debate about which way and how we spend our energy is more meaningful or better.

It's okay if people think that they are practicing yoga, but they couldn't or are reluctant to let go of worldly passionate desires, identities, attachments, ideas, objects and activities. They just want to be able keep their head above the water from the help of some yoga and meditation practice that would provide them with some buoyancy to keep floating and keep their head up, so that they won't drown, but they are not determined enough to get out of the water, as they enjoy very much being in the water.

Just like the truth is always the truth, and it's always there, no matter we know about it, or not, whether we like it, or not, whether we agree with it, or not.

Those who don't see the truth as it is, they only see their own truth from their own perspective, conditioned by particular thinking and belief. They want to argue and debate about everything that is different from their own judgment or point of view, to prove that they are right and those who are different from them, are wrong.

Those who see the truth, they don't need agreement, or acknowledgment, or approval, or support from anyone. They allow everyone to argue and debate about different points of view. They allow everyone to think what they want to think, to express what they want to express, and allow them to be ignorant of the truth. They don't try to convince others who don't know the truth to believe that 'this' is the truth. The truth is not a belief. The truth is just what it is, it has nothing to do with what the mind being conditioned to think and believe as right and wrong. It's beyond worldly thinking about what is right or wrong. And hence, there's nothing to be argue or debate about, as everyone is conditioned to think in certain ways, to believe in certain beliefs. If people don't see the truth, no one can make them see the truth.

Om shanti.

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