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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Go beyond what the mind believes as good and bad, and be free...

There's nothing wrong when we would like to think and believe that we are intelligent, good and kind people, while we would criticize and condemn other people whom we think and believe as ignorant, bad and unkind people. We would like to be acknowledged by other people that we are good beings, while some of us might want to be acknowledged as bad beings. There's nothing wrong also when people want to make everything become 'good', and don't want anything to become 'bad'. When we think we are not good enough, or didn't achieve the standard of good, or didn't possess the good qualities, we will identified ourselves as 'bad' beings, and we dislike and criticize ourselves. We like to show the good qualities that we think we have and hide the bad qualities that we think we have. We would be hypocrite and tell stories to convince ourselves and others to think that we are good beings. But this is not the teachings and practice of yoga.

As long as our minds still attached toward all the qualities of good and bad, and have clinging or craving towards some qualities that our minds think and believe as 'good' and have aversion towards some qualities that our minds think and believe as 'bad', and have identification as 'good' or 'bad' beings, our minds are not free.

Go beyond the conditioned and limited thinking and beliefs in our minds that generate the qualities of good and bad, positive and negative, pleasantness and unpleasantness, happiness and suffering, right and wrong, that based on what the minds believe what things are, which is not the truth of what things really are.

Be free.

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