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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Want to teach yoga? (3)

When one performs the action of teaching yoga or yoga exercises to other people, one will identify oneself as a yoga teacher who teaches yoga. One has good intention that one wants to share what one learned and realized with other people. One might also think and say that one is sharing the knowledge of yoga with other people, and share one's love and peace with other beings. There is nothing wrong with these ideas. Just that there are still egoism, attachment, identification and separateness existing in all these ideas or understanding.

Abandon all the worldly ideas that derived from worldly thinking and beliefs under the influence of egoism, desires of want and don't want, identification and attachment towards certain qualities of names and forms.

Some people compare the teachings of yoga with the studies of the psychology of human beings, and think and say that they are very similar to each other, that both are dealing with human minds and its problems, or the illnesses of the mind. But, their approach in dealing with human minds' problems are really the opposite of one another. The studies of psychology are still very much based on worldly ideas, thinking and beliefs under the influence of egoism. It is based on the egoism and empowerment of egoism. Like in most of the empowerment workshops and psychotherapies, it's about making the mind to think and feel "I am strong", or "I am positive", "I am good", or "I am healed". The empowerment of egoism might can bring momentary relief from some negative elements, and it's like the different medicines to cure certain mind diseases, but it won't stop the mind to continue to contract illness or sickness. Any kinds of empowerment strategies and workshops coming from the points of view of psychology studies are exactly the opposite of what yoga is about. While the teachings of yoga is about how to free the mind from contracting diseases, where the root cause of all mind diseases is ignorance and egoism. There's no need to take any medicines if there's no disease existing when ignorance and egoism is annihilated from the mind. The one who needs to be empowered to think positive, to have hope, to be healed, to feel strong, confident and good about oneself, is the ego. When one realized yoga, or selflessness, or egolessness, or non-separateness, being free from ignorance and egoism, there's no need any kinds of empowerment to make one to think positive, to have hope, to be healed, to feel strong, confident and good about oneself.

Empowerment ideas and workshops are to empower one's worldly self-image and identification with certain qualities of names and forms. The ego is the one who needs a strong identification of "this is who 'I' am" that attached to certain qualities of names and forms to be somebody. The ego needs affirmation and recognition from oneself and from others to be somebody.

While the teachings of yoga is to be free from all kinds of worldly self-image and identification with any qualities of names and forms. There's no need to be somebody with a particular identification.

There's nothing wrong with the good intention of wanting to share something that we believe is good with other beings, but we are not free yet if we still think and desire to be sharing something with other beings.

Everyone realizes the one nature of unconditional love and peace which already existing in everyone. The knowledge of yoga, or unconditional love and peace is not something that is given or shared by someone or coming from somewhere, but it's the nature of every being. The knowledge of yoga is not something separated from unconditional love and peace. The realization of the knowledge of yoga is the realization of unconditional love and peace, and vice versa.

There's no 'I' am giving or sharing the knowledge of yoga, or love and peace coming from 'I' to other beings. There's no 'I' love other beings, or other beings love 'I'. The one who expects to be loved and the one who wants to love or give love, is the ego.

Other beings are not taking or sharing the knowledge of yoga, love and peace from 'I'.

Everyone is not separated from the one same nature that is existing in everyone (non-separateness), is very different from someone is sharing something with other beings (separateness of subject and object).

There's no 'I' am sharing something with other beings.

No one is giving. No one is receiving.

There's no egoism, attachment, identification or separateness.

When there are still the ideas of 'I', 'I' am and 'I' want, existing in the mind, we are not free yet.

Go beyond or put aside all the worldly thinking and beliefs, and qualities of names and forms, and contemplate on all the teachings of yoga and realize selflessness, or egolessness, or non-separateness.

If one hasn't realized the teachings of yoga, what does one teach to other people?

Om shanti.

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