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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Want to practice yoga? (8)

Perform existing duties, but surrender all forms of attachments, identifications, desires, intentions, motivations, goals, expectations, or acknowledgments. The body and mind are what they are, where they are and how they are, but it's impermanent and will constantly change, and it's not 'I' and there's no 'I' exists in all the impermanent changes. Allowing the path to be what it is, without expecting the path to be what it is not. The path is constantly changing and allow the changes to be what they are.

Abandon the fruit of actions, worldly identities, ideas and desires, social and cultural beliefs and practices, and worldly sensual indulgence. Be friendly and non-discriminating towards all, without desire to be accumulating personal friendships or relationships, but allowing all friendships or relationships to be there, or not. All friendships and relationships will change. Allowing all the changes to be there as they are. Abandon the desire of longing to be loved or appreciated, and the fear of being unloved or unappreciated.

Let go of pride and arrogance
Starve the ego, or deprive the mind of the characteristics of egoism, especially pride and arrogance about 'I', about who 'I' am, what 'I' am, or how 'I' am, and what and how 'I' know, 'I' think, 'I' act, 'I' express, 'I' give, 'I' receive, 'I' deserve and 'I' have. Being free from pride and arrogance is not about 'being humble' either. Abandon the idea or identification of "I am being humble." One is just what one is, neither being arrogant nor being humble.

Observe the mind perception of all the objects of names and forms that the mind comes in contact with, including all forms of living beings and non-living beings and objects with different characteristics, names and forms, without being influenced by worldly social and cultural thinking, ideas, beliefs and practices; without attachment, desire, clinging, judgment, or expectation. Allowing everyone and everything to be what they are, as they are, and for being constantly changing.

Take it or leave it
If you can't just observe, but will generate attachment or desire towards the objects of names and forms, then practice take it or leave it, without generate craving for what you like that you could take, without generate aversion towards what you don't like that you don't want to take. Minds that are impure and ignorant don't just take it or leave it. They want more of what they like, and they want to destroy what they don't like. All kinds of greed, self-righteousness, criticism, condemn, conflict, argument, riot, war, discrimination, hatred, prejudice, violence and insanity exist due to most minds are over-powered by impurities and ignorance.

Minimize social interactions and worldly inputs and outputs as much as possible
Embrace peace, tranquility, silence, solitude, seclusion, self-introspection, self-discipline, self-control, self-effort, self-inquiry and self-realization. Allowing the mind stuffs or thought activities to subside. One can only benefit the society truly and effectively when one's mind is completely be free from impurities, or at least have self-awareness and self-control over the impurities that exist in one's mind. Being aware of the impurities in one's mind and restricting oneself from mixing into the society is being kind and compassionate towards other beings, to minimize generating harmful and disharmony effects into the society.

Stay away from any external substances or influences that will alter or over-power the mind via stimulation or suppression
Only through self-awareness, self-effort, self-discipline, self-control, self-introspection, self-inquiry and self-realization that one purifies and conquers one's mind. Performing yoga asana and pranayama practice is using one's own physical body and the breath as tools to influence the energy field or the state of one's mind without the influence of external substances or influences, such like the usage of drugs to stimulate, or numb, or suppress the function of the mind. Drugs, or any external substances might generate momentary effects onto the mind, but it doesn't remove ignorance and impurities of the mind. One has to rely on self-effort, self-discipline, self-inquiry and self-realization to eliminate ignorance and egoism.

Be persevered
Impurities are what hindering the mind from seeing the truth as it is. They are also the great obstacles on the path towards self-realization. Impurities are one's biggest enemy. Rise above impurities, not to be defeated by impurities within one's mind. Once one curbs the enemy within, there's no enemy without. Be persevered and keep purifying the mind until it sees the truth as it is once impurities are absent.

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