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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Want to teach yoga? (4)

Teaching yoga is all about – May all be free, be happy, be peaceful, by guiding the impure minds towards purity, or, the suffering minds towards love and peace. But none can free anyone from impurity and suffering, but oneself.

One will be free, be happy and be peaceful, only if one allows oneself to be aware of the ignorance in oneself, which is the cause of suffering, and make an effort to free one’s mind from ignorance.

Yoga and meditation practice is mainly to free the mind from ignorance and egoism. All the other benefits of the yoga and meditation practice are just some impermanent side-effects.

Many say that they love yoga and they like to practice yoga (yoga exercises more precisely), and may have been practicing yoga exercises for years. But, even after many years of practicing yoga exercises, many minds are still under the influence of ignorance and egoism, being restless and peaceless. As they didn’t practice the essence of yoga – the elimination of ignorance and egoism to be free from impurities. The minds are still attached strongly onto worldly qualities of names and forms to be ‘I’ and are influenced by the desires of craving and aversion.

If one doesn’t recognize or is unaware of the ignorance in oneself, none can teach or help one to be free. It’s not easy for many impure minds to be aware of the ignorance in oneself, as ignorance is also the cause of being ignorant towards ignorance itself. One needs certain degrees of self-awareness to be aware of the ignorance in oneself, and be humble enough to work on the elimination of ignorance in oneself.

Compassion and peace is the essential teaching and practice of yoga. Without compassion and peace in oneself, one couldn’t teach yoga to others, even if one has the knowledge of kinesiology, anatomy and biochemistry of the physical body. As one is dealing with impure minds, and at times, dangerous minds that will intentionally generate harmful actions towards oneself and hurting others. Those who are peaceful and compassionate, being free from ignorance, they don’t need to learn yoga or practice yoga. And the impure minds are the ones who need to learn and practice yoga the most, to be free. If the impure minds refuse to practice yoga towards the annihilation of ignorance and egoism, to be free from ill-will and ill-thinking, that’s their freedom.

One must take care of one's mind, before the mind loses its sanity, as minds that are critically 'ill' won't be able to reason or meditate at all, and might generate harmful actions harming oneself and others.

Teaching yoga is not just teaching people to do some asana poses and stretching exercises. But, it’s guiding and allowing people to look into their own minds, be aware of the impurities, to reflect upon the behavior of their own minds, and it is quite an unpleasant experience for many. And most of the time, others are being blamed for the impurities, or restlessness, or unpleasantness that are occupying their own mind.

May all be free, be happy, be peaceful.

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