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Monday, September 7, 2015

Want to practice yoga?

The world is changing at its own speed and cause. There are human minds evolving towards higher and purer consciousness of thinking and living, and there are many more human minds evolving towards deeper ignorance, and moving further away from purer consciousness of thinking and living.

Almost all and everything is being manipulated into something that is not what it really is, by our own mind perception of names and forms functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism, influenced by certain impurities and the conditioned thinking and beliefs in the mind.

That includes Yoga and Buddhism's teachings and practices and their purpose.

We have the great opportunity to come in contact with the teachings of yoga and practicing yoga whether internally or externally, or both. Many people are interested to learn and practice yoga under different intentions and motivations. Meanwhile many people are interested to teach yoga for many different reasons. It should be a very good thing. But somehow, something is not quite right as well, even though there's nothing incorrect about all the different perceptions, understanding, thoughts and ideas, and all the impermanent changes and evolution in all these perceptions, understanding, thoughts and ideas. But the process of sharing all the different perceptions, understanding, thoughts and ideas coming from what the minds think what they know, has been creating more confusions or misunderstanding towards all and everything.

Everyone think they know something that they think they know. There are lots of things that we don't know, but our existence is merely based on what we (the thinking mind) perceive through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and the thinking faculty, influenced by what the mind thinks and believes what things are, and influencing us to think and behave and interact with the world in a certain way. Even the higher intellectual minds that are creative and innovative can be functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism also, and believing in something that is not necessarily the truth of what things are.

Knowing and accumulating lots of knowledge through studies and scientific researches about this and that also doesn't guarantee that one is or will be free form ignorance and have peace.

The existence of yoga, its teachings and practices are neither good nor bad. Pure minds don't need yoga. Pure beings with pure minds don't need to practice yoga. Yoga exists for impure beings with impure minds. But impure intentions coming from impure minds have somehow been manipulating yoga into different ideas and concepts. Even yoga enthusiasts with high intellectual minds might also be influenced by ignorance, and have been manipulating yoga into something what it is not. But, there's nothing wrong in that either. The world is evolving in such way.

Nowadays, it's not so much about attaining absolute purity and enlightenment, but merely trying to uphold right thinking, right understanding, and right effort, to allow everyone to have certain degrees of peace and harmony within oneself while living in the midst of many corrupted minds, impure thinking and ideas.

The basic practice of yoga is about allowing all the knowledge that we think we know about all and everything to be there as they are, but without attachment onto all these knowledge to be identifying as who we are, nor allowing them to interfere with the process of seeing the truth of things as they are. It's about freeing the mind from perceiving, analyzing, judging and understanding everything based on what the mind thinks it knows and believes what things are.

Want to practice yoga? It's not just about learning and doing some yoga poses and getting some health and fitness benefits. But, through learning and performing the yoga asana practice, we learn to observe the perceived reality in the present moment now without attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment, or expectation, and seeing the truth of things as they are.
Are you ready to let go of what you think you know and what you believe in?

Om shanti.

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