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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Want to practice yoga? (5)

All the yoga enthusiasts or practitioners are being taught that one shouldn't follow or blind-believe in any teachings or philosophies from anybody and anywhere, including the teachings of yoga, but to perform self-inquiry to investigate into the truth of all the teachings of yoga. That action of self-inquiry is indeed the main yoga practice. All the other yoga practices are there to assist the mind to be able to be free from all kinds of restlessness and impurities, and allowing the mind to know the truth or seeing the truth as it is.

Contemplate on these teachings to attain self-realization of the teachings of yoga :-
- The body is not me, I am not the body. The mind is not me, I am not the mind.

- Selflessness or the annihilation of the egoism - There is no 'I'. 'I' doesn't exist.

- The root cause of suffering is ignorance - not knowing the truth of 'I' and all the perceptions of names and forms, the illusion of the existence of 'I' generates attachment, identification, desires, craving and aversion, reactions of likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, pleasantness and unpleasantness where all kinds of impurities arise and influencing and determining the state of mind.

- Go beyond all the qualities of name and form, including the body and mind and worldly conditioned thinking and beliefs, realize the truth of non-duality or non-separateness or oneness.

- The truth of names and forms is just what they are. Everything is neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative, neither right nor wrong, neither happiness nor unhappiness.

- Know thyself or knowing oneself as the highest duty above all. All kinds of duties exist to support the highest duty towards oneself.

- The law of impermanence - there's no 'I' exists in all the impermanent changes or transitions, or forming and deforming.

- The observer is undetermined by the action of observing and the object of observation.

- Turning the outgoing mind inward, resting in silence - dispassion and disinterest in worldly objects and ideas.

- The conquest of one's mind is the highest goal of life existence and to serve humanity.

- The ignorant ones take what is unreal to be real, and take what is real as unreal.

- Performing all duties and responsibilities while renouncing worldly objects and activities.

- The realization of selflessness and compassion will allow one to perform all actions while being undetermined by the fruit of actions, to be liberated from good and bad karma, the cycle of cause and effect, or the wheel of birth and death - Enter into Silence or Samadhi.

- Everything is Maya (illusion). The world is not real and doesn't exist. Suffering doesn't exist. Birth and death doesn't exist. Due to ignorance, the illusory 'I' longs for existence to fulfill all its desires. And hence, all kinds of actions and fruit of actions sprung from desires and bring forth the wheel of birth and death, existence and non-existence, all kinds of names and forms are being projected as the worldly existence as the result of cause and effect. Yoga practice is to realize the truth and return to the state beyond names and forms, existence and non-existence, birth and death.

Happy practicing yoga contemplating upon the teachings of yoga.

Om shanti.

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