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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Want to practice yoga? (3)

The basics of yoga practice :-

1.) Leave our personal thinking and beliefs only to ourselves. Put away all the conditioned personal thinking and beliefs when dealing with other people in the world and learn to be open-minded and respect all others for being different from us, or having different thinking and beliefs from ours.

2.) If we are fussy people about something or many things, throw these fussiness away whether instantly or gradually.

3.) If we are highly sensitive towards certain sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations or thoughts, then try to practice tolerance and forbearance towards all the names and forms that will annoy or irritate us or our minds. Certain physical allergic reactions are biological, where we need to avoid coming in contact with certain things that we are allergic to, or there might be some drugs or medicine that can counter those allergic reactions, but quite many physical reactions are a form of manifestation deriving from the corrupted or ill-thinking minds. Clean out all the rubbish in our minds can eliminate many types of sensitivities/allergies where drugs or medicines also can't cure.

We may or may not know that ourselves are being difficult occasionally or frequently. We learn to recognize them and throw those difficult habits and behaviors away, and stopped being a difficult person for ourselves and others. We learn to be aware of ourselves for being difficult, and we might intentionally or unintentionally generate inconveniences and difficulties to other people who come in contact with us directly or indirectly. Without judgment or expectation, we do our best to change ourselves to be less difficult.

We also learn how to deal with other people who are having difficult personality and behavior that might intentionally or unintentionally generate inconveniences and difficulties to other people who come in contact with them directly or indirectly, with compassion. These difficult people are suffering from their own difficulties as well. We learn how to tolerate all the difficult people and difficult situations, without judgment or expectation, without being disturbed or determined by all these difficult experiences, without losing our patience and tolerance, and learn how to adjust ourselves to accommodate the difficult people and situations, while remain equanimous and be at peace.

May all be happy practicing yoga.

Om shanti.

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