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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hating haters hating us?

To hope for peace and harmony in the world, ourselves have to be free from hatred without expecting others not to hate us. If others want to hate, that's their freedom.

How can we expect the world be free from hatred and have peace and harmony in the world, when we are hating haters hating us?

There are people who enjoy hating others and don't want to have peace and harmony in the world, and they intentionally provoke hatred among everyone for attaining something that they want under the influence of their selfish intentions and desires. Sometimes, we are not aware of ourselves are being manipulated by some people's selfish intentions to attain their selfish desires.

As yoga practitioners, we don't share or promote any hate speech or influences, it doesn't matter if it's coming from certain people who think they are good and they want to do the right thing. It's because we are not any different from others whom we think they are bad and wrong, if we hate others for being bad and wrong. When we don't show anger and hatred towards people and things that we think are bad and wrong, it doesn't mean that we agree with them or support them. We don't have to agree with or support them, but we don't have to hate them. Why hurting and harming ourselves through generating anger and hatred in our minds for others' bad and wrong doings?

Om shanti.

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