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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Non-attachment? (2)

Non-attachment is nothing to do with how many things we have or don't have, or how less things we have.

It is about being undetermined nor affected by all these impermanent names and forms.

It is not attached to this life existence and the functions of this body and mind.

It is not attached to the physical conditions, appearance and abilities.

It is not attached to the states of mind (elevation, calmness, depression).

It is not attached to the qualities of names and forms.

It is about not being affected, nor disturbed, nor influenced, nor determined by what the mind perceives through the senses of what it sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches and thinks, and not generate craving towards names and forms that the mind likes and agrees with, and not generate aversion towards names and forms that the mind dislikes and disagrees with.

It is not attached to the thinking and beliefs in the mind that is conditioned and limited by the impermanent qualities of names and forms, and contaminated by the craving and aversion coming from egoism and ignorance.

It is about letting go of the ego. As all attachments are derived from selfish desires, intention and expectation, craving and aversion of the ego towards what it wants and doesn't want.

All kinds of unhappiness or suffering derive from attachments due to ignorance and egoism.

Remove ignorance and egoism brings us real non-attachment as well as realizing compassion, be free from restlessness, dissatisfaction, unhappiness or suffering, and be free from generating good and bad karma that binds us into countless birth and death.

Compassion is not separated from non-attachment, or egolessness, or selflessness.

Without non-attachment, all our actions and reactions are over-powered by fear, worry, anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, self-protection, selfish desires, selfish intentions or motives, selfish expectation, and all sorts of irritation, frustration, agitation and depression. It is not possible to be compassionate when we are being over-powered by all these impurities due to attachments, ignorance and egoism.

There is no doubt that yoga practice is in life (it is not only to be found in seclusion), but it doesn't mean that we indulge in gratifying all the craving and aversion of the egoistic mind, and being over-powered by the ego to achieve whatever the ego wants and doesn't want. It is not yoga Sadhana, when we indulge in sensual enjoyments by keep feeding or giving what our body and mind wants and likes towards the worldly objects of names and forms, empowering the craving and aversion, or egoism. This is totally going against or towards the opposite direction of all yoga practice is to be eliminating the ego.

It is (egoistic lower)self-denial, and it's not empowering the (egoistic lower)self. When the ego is completely vanished, there is no 'I', or 'I am', or 'I want', or 'I don't want' attaching to all the actions and inactions coming from this body and mind, even if the intention or motive is 'good' and 'kind'. It is not pure action that is free from the bondage of Karma, if we still 'have' good intention to motivate us to perform action or inaction.

The sun, the air, the water, the earth and the space have no (good or bad) intention to be performing ceaseless actions of giving, providing and supporting everything and all beings to be exist. They have no expectation that anything or any beings will be existing and be grateful because of their existence and contribution. They are not affected nor determined by the reactions (gratefulness and ungratefulness) of any beings towards their existence and contribution. They have no discrimination of good beings or evil beings. They give to all and everything. That is egolessness, selflessness, non-attachment, or compassion.

It is living in the world but not being affected, nor influenced, nor determined by the world, letting go of selfish desires and expectation, perform selfless service without discrimination, and surrender, or give up, or renounce the fruit of all our actions. This is harder than being secluded from the world, as there are so many temptations in the world of names and forms that will be distracting the person from performing his or her Sadhana 'properly'.

It is not about trying to be a 'hero' or 'world saver' for humanity. That is an idea coming from the ego. Naturally when we take care of our Sadhana, when the ego is eliminated, there is unlimited and unconditional peace and love in ourselves. And with this unconditional peace and love in ourselves, we are benefiting the whole world, even without any intention nor expectation that the world will be benefited by this peace and love. Without the idea of 'I am benefiting the world', or 'My existence and actions are benefiting the world'.

It is whenever the mind comes in contact with the objects of the senses, we let go of the egoism, craving and aversion towards all these names and forms.

That is real non-attachment.

It is not about 'running away' or ' throwing away' all our duties and responsibilities, or what our egoistic mind thinks or believes as something not good, or unhappy, or suffering, or problems.

It is carry out all these duties, responsibilities, and being with what our mind believes as something not good, or unhappy, or suffering, or problems, but not being affected nor determined by all these names and forms.

It is being able to accept the reality as it is, not necessarily the way that we like it to be. Nor trying to control or change the reality that the mind doesn't like, to be something that it likes it to be.

It is being able to love and accept all and everyone as they are, including ourselves, even if our mind dislikes or disagrees with certain qualities of names and forms that it thinks is imperfect or not good.

The one who really knows non-attachment, though moving or living in the world, but will not be moved nor influenced by the world.

Om shanti.

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