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Monday, June 24, 2013

Home sweet home?

Some people say they miss their home a lot when they are away from home. Some people say that they don't like their home, or they are not happy at home, and they want to go away from their home.

Everyone wants to find where they 'belong'.

The egoistic perceptive thinking mind might mistake the modification of the mind and all the experiences through its function of the perception of names and forms as itself, but this perceptive thinking mind itself and all the perception of names and forms are perishable, selfless and impermanent.

The egoistic mind might take the physical body, the conditions, the abilities, the family, the friends, the career, the wealth, the health, the house, the birth place, the clothing, the books, the knowledge, the belongings, the relationships, the beliefs, the thinking, the feelings, the ideas, the achievements, or the entire life existence as its home, but all these are perishable, selfless and impermanent as well.

As long as there is attachment and identification towards a 'home' that is filled with certain qualities of names and forms that we think where we 'belonged', we are not free. As this home that has certain qualities, names and forms, is conditioned by impermanence, and is limited by time, space and causation.
It's not our 'God'. It's not our 'world'. It's not our 'planet'. It's not our 'universe'. It's not our 'home'.

If we realize our real 'home', then wherever we are, this 'home' is always there. It's not a particular place or space. It's not a building or shelter. It is nameless and formless, beyond qualities, impermanence, conditions, limitations, time, space and causation.

We don't 'belong' to this 'home', nor does this 'home' belong to 'I'.

Without the idea of possessiveness or belonging, all selfless beings respect all and everything to be existing in this 'home', sharing this endless unlimited space in this impermanent existence of selfless beings which is limited and conditioned by time, space and causation.

If we say, this 'home' is 'ours', we are not free yet. We will be bound by the survival instinct and desire to be 'protecting' this 'object' or 'quality' that we possess and call 'our home'.

It is 'home' for all beings and objects with different qualities of names and forms that are selfless and impermanent, that is void of separateness or discrimination. It is the origin, or the source, or the support for all beings and objects arising, changing and passing away. There's no possessiveness. There's no expectation that any beings should think or behave in certain ways. All beings are being what they are and how they are, selfless and impermanent, arising, changing and passing away influenced by the nature's law of cause and effect.

This 'home' is not the home that we call 'my' home which is limited by impermanence, qualities, elements, time, space and causation, and conditioned by 'my' personality, liking, ideas, thinking, beliefs, desires, creativity, styles and tastes, which hosts most of 'my' things, 'my' belongings, 'my' possessions, 'my' memories, 'my' accumulated wealth, 'my' interests, 'my' studies, 'my' past achievements, and 'my' beloved family and friends.

This real 'home' is indestructible. Fire, wind, water, earth and space cannot touch it or destroy it. It's always there.

The moment we let go of the ego, the 'I', and all that belongs to 'I', the real 'home' that is full of unconditional and unlimited love and peace is right here. Wherever we are is home. It never leaves us. We never leave home.

Om shanti.

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