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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Try changing the habits of the mind by learning another foreign language or adopting new interests...

For those who are being troubled and influenced strongly by negative emotions and feelings (such like anger, jealousy, depression, anxiety, fear, worry, low self-esteem and etc...), and don't know how to come out from it because we don't know how to stay detached from all these activities in the mind, then we may try to change this stubborn habit of attachment in the mind towards these negative feelings and emotions by learning and speaking another language that we are not familiar with, or adopting new interests...

It will shift something in the brain and without any expectation, we might find ourselves suddenly or gradually becoming more positive and cheerful...

If we are not interested in learning languages, then we can try to learn something new and interesting that we are not familiar with (of course these new interests should be something that will bring positive effects and peaceful harmony to our body and mind)...

Or gradually break a long term stubborn habit of our behavior (such like switch on the TV as soon as we step into the house, or open the door of the fridge even though we know there is nothing that we want from the fridge, or looking at the watch frequently, or have the need of a cup of coffee at specific time, and etc)...

Or try to perform some selfless service (to ourselves and other beings without discrimination and attachment) without asking any rewards in return. Just give and let go...

It will still give the same effect of changing the habits of the mind. Of course it takes time, patience and perseverance to see any result (without expectation).

Give it a try, if we are tired of negative feelings and emotions that persistently troubling us, and we really want to make a change of ourselves, want to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves, and want to live to the fullest, be more positive and cheerful...

Be happy.

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