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Friday, February 18, 2011

A conversation about death...

[Yoga Kee]
Some of my yoga friends posted something in their Facebook about a senior yoga teacher passed away.

Tell me about how you feel when you heard about a young yogi passed away...
From your heart.

[Yoga Kee]
Life is unpredictable and very short.

And so... Be grateful of what we have.

Yogi is also human being.... People are born, will get ill and will die.

What is death? Who is dead? Is death something not good? Is it something sad?

[Yoga Kee]
For me... I don't think so...

As it is the nature of life.

Of course for those who know him, they might feel sad for the loss...
But not everyone can accept death easily.

What is the difference between die young or die old?

What is the difference between people who practice yoga and do not practice yoga?

What is death?

"Who" is "dead"?

[Yoga Kee]
The body died.

Die young or die old, is still die... Just the matter of time...

People who do not understand that this is the circle of life, they will be affected and attached to the loss.

And that's the difference of people who practice yoga and do not practice yoga... It's the level of understanding about the nature of life... Whereby there should not be any differences between yogi and non-yogi.

And what is death... It is part of the process.

Our life process.

Talk is easy, but to practice is another thing. But without the knowledge of all these dharma, we will be even more suffer when it happens. But at least with the dharma, it will help us to attain the understanding and guide us through our sorrow.

There is no "death". "Death" doesn't exist. The true Self is never born, never die. The body and the mind, and our life experience is just forming and deforming due to karma, cause and effect. When there is no identification with the body and mind, there is no "I", no "my life", no "death", no "birth". No matter it is a yogi who is enlightened or a person who is not enlightened, this body is still a product of energy and element, it will come to an end sooner or later. Death is not something good nor bad. There is a cause of birth, there is a cause of death. There is no sorrow, no grief. Die in a horrible way or in a very nice way, there's no difference. Die young or die old also no difference. Yogi or not yogi no difference.

If we think that death is something natural, it is still not enough to not being affected by the effects of "death", because death is there (existence of death). Pain is there, suffering is there, fear and sorrow is there. But when we know that there is no death, then there will be no pain and suffering, no fear and sorrow.

[Yoga Kee]
Kee is nodding her head.

To know the truth about the true Self is not affected by birth and death of the body and the end of this life existence, but we (who we really are) are beyond birth and death, and we are never born or die, then there is no fear, sorrow, pain and suffering.

[Yoga Kee]
Kee is nodding her head again...

"Death" for the worldly mind perception means separation from something, the body, our life, our family and friends, our belongings, our accumulated wealth and success, and etc... That's why there is sorrow, when we experience "death" or when our loved ones experience "death"... The stronger the attachment and clinging towards all these things is, the stronger the sorrow it will be.

When we know our true self (selflessness), we will know that we are not separated from everything else (oneness). There is no separation. What is there to be sad or missed about? No sorrow, no sadness, no grief.

We never gain anything when we come into this world with this body and mind. We lose nothing when we leave this world, this body and mind...

A real yogi has no fear nor grief towards what is defined as "death" in the worldly mind perception...

[Yoga Kee]


* It is nothing wrong as well when people feel sad and cry for the loss of their loved ones. It is good to cry to relieve the sad feelings and not suppressing them, and let it go... It is very healthy to cry when we feel sad. It is not a bad or negative reaction to cry. But do not attach to this sad feeling and get lost in it. Accept the truth as it is and let go...

When a yogi is pure and selfless, there is no "death" can determine him or affect him of who he really is. There is no "death". It is just the end of a life existence and transition into another realm or another level of consciousness. The awareness that is witnessing the death of the physical body, has no painful suffering when this yogi had firmly established in selflessness or who knows the truth of his true Self.

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