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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ego feeds on agreement and support from other egos...

Have you ever came across this type of feeling; When someone says something that is supporting what we think and say, and when someone is agreed with what we think and say, we’ll be feeling so great, so right, so successful and superior?

We will have this feeling; Yes! I’m right! Because some other people also agree with what I think and say.

Know that this is the reaction that comes from the ego.


Especially when we are talking something bad about another person, or criticizing somebody about this and that. We will feel that we are a better person and that we are right about somebody’s imperfection, when someone else is also talking bad about the same person and is criticizing the same person just like what we have been doing.

We will have this thought and will say; Look! It’s not just me thinking and saying like this. Another person is also thinking like that and saying the same thing. This proves that I’m right about this.

And this makes us (the ego) feel so good about ourselves…

The people (the egos) who like to engage and indulge in criticism and slandering about other people to feel good about themselves, are not any better than those whom they criticize and slander…

And hence, we should move away from criticism and slandering…

Those who forbear, endure or withstand any amount of criticism and slandering, and not utter a single bad word about those who criticize or slander about them, they are the real yogis, great saints and sages…

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