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Friday, December 25, 2009

About Merits And Virtues

All our good thoughts, actions and speech (good deeds) will be flowering and bear the fruit of merit and virtue. No matters we intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly did some wholesome, beneficial and kind deeds to ourselves or to other beings or to nature, they all are merits and virtues whether we recognize them as merits and virtues or not.

People who think and believe that they are having bad luck, bad karma or having a lot of unhappiness and obstacles in their lives, and they wish to change their luck, karma or their lives, they can work on accumulating merits and virtues by doing lots of good deeds whether in their thoughts or actions or speech.

The practice of patience, loving kindness, unselfishness, generosity, charity, sharing, tolerance, forbearance of heat and cold, forbearance of insults and harms, forgiveness, respect, gratitude, appreciation, loyalty, faithfulness, truthfulness, responsibility, humility, self-control over lustful desire and greed, self-improvement, observance of wholesome conduct and refrain from unwholesome conduct such as generating harmful thoughts, actions and speech, having courage, positive thinking and cheerfulness are all merits and virtues.

The real merits and virtues is formless and nameless, intentionless, without attachment or expectation, without likes and dislikes and without the differentiation of good beings or bad beings to whom we want to show kindness and compassion to, and renounce from the fruit of our actions without longing for any merits and virtues.

Even though we did not do anything so called good deeds but if we refrain ourselves from doing evil deeds, it is already a great merit and virtue of being self-controlled and non-harming to other beings and to ourselves as well.

The great merits and virtues are the forbearance of all insults, humiliations and harms from other beings while remain compassionate and forgiving towards all who were unkind to us, and will continue to show love, kindness and compassion towards all beings who had intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly being unkind to us. This doesn't mean that we are encouraging and supporting other beings to perform evil actions unto themselves and/or others. In fact, we should encourage others not to perform any harmful evil actions unto themselves and/or others,
with wisdom, and not by punishment, violence or force. Those who would perform harmful evil actions unto themselves and/or others either intentionally or unintentionally, is due to ignorance. These minds are in suffering.

By remaining content, peaceful and happy all the time not being affected, influenced or disturbed by all the phenomena that is happening in the world outside our body or within our body and the mind, eliminating the ego and egoism, and being indifference towards the duality of likes and dislikes, comfort and discomfort, heat and cold, praise and censure, success and failure, birth and death, and all the good and evil happenings upon us are the real merits and virtues.

Promoting peace and harmony among all beings and allowing other beings to develop loving kindness, peace, compassion and wisdom, and to perform self-inquiry to be free from ignorance and egoism, to attain self-realization towards selflessness, is great merit and virtue. Not generating obstacles for others who want to do good and be good and want to walk in the path towards self-realization, and give supports and encouragements to all beings who are in distress, painful sorrow and suffering, and to those who want to walk the path towards self-realization are the great merits and virtues.

Giving dharma to all without any discrimination towards any beings is the best merit and virtue.

And the greatest merit and virtue above all is this mind itself attaining self-realization or enlightenment.

When a mind is enlightened, or is void of ignorance and egoism, there is no more merits and virtues in any particular names and forms, but the selfless universal consciousness itself is the embodiment of merits and virtues of compassion and wisdom, namelessness and formlessness, beginninglessness and endlessness – Satchidananda.

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