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Sunday, December 13, 2009

About God And Religion

When we understood that everything is the same and no difference at all between existence and non existence, life and death, happiness and suffering, we will understand that it is doesn’t matter if there is a God or there is no God.

Anyway, if there's a God existence, God is infinite and indescribable. We all are depending on a source to be exist in this world. Lives are depending solely on the nature of different elements which are not in our own control. We are all the same when we have pain, sorrow, heart broken, disappointment, anger, jealousy, greed, wickedness, selfishness, aggressiveness, fear, worries, passion, lust, ignorance, arrogance, happiness, joy, love, compassion, good or evil intention, and all types of feelings and emotions, regardless of whether there is a God or no God, whether we believe in God or don’t believe in God.

We should respect everyone’s belief and no need to argue or debate about God and no God, ‘your’ God, ‘his’ God, or ‘my’ God. Anyway if there is a God, He does not belong to anybody, or any name and form that we human beings put on to Him. He doesn’t belong to any church or temple or any name and form that we give to those buildings that people go for prayers, rituals and contemplation.

He is He. He is not mine, not yours, not theirs. He is everyone’s guardian, parent, friend, lover, companion, healer, teacher or anything that we would like Him to be. Everyone deserves Him. It doesn’t matter when we think ourselves or others are good or not good. Because He is all pervading, all love and compassion, all powerful and infinite.

If we want to attain God, we need to purify our impurities and remove the discrimination of dualities. We need to know what is intentionlessness, non-duality, oneness, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness. If we don’t understand what are these terms, then we are building up an invisible wall between God and us which prevents us to realize Him. We thought God didn’t love us. We would question God why did he allow so much suffering and unfair happenings in the world.

God is always here with us whether sometimes we are good and happy, and sometimes we are not so good and unhappy. Even when we are still full of impurities and ignorance, when we are being imperfect, whether our body is clean or dirty, whether we are sleeping or awake, God has never left us. He is always with us, guiding us and shows us the way to see Him or realize Him in our heart, not with this fleshy eyes. Because if it's the almighty God, God is nameless and formless without attributes. We can’t perceive Him through our fleshy eyes and the mind. Whether we believe there’s a God or not, He is always there unmoved by our little mind with qualities, names and forms. It doesn’t matter what languages are we speaking, what cultures are we having, what religions are we practicing, what nationality we have, God is still the same God at anytime and anywhere.

When we do realize Him, our heart is full of love, peace, joy, compassion and wisdom. There is no words that can express that in definite except being silent. We would repent all our past wrong doings but at the same time also forgive ourselves and let the past go. We would not ask anything from God if we truly realize Him. We would see Him in all and everything and everyone. We would be content. It is only when we don’t realize Him and perceive separation from Him, that we will pray to Him and ask for His blessings.

If it's the almighty God, God doesn’t live in a restricted building, or only be at some specific places in the world. He is everywhere and anywhere at all time, from ancient to the future, from before the beginning of existence to the period of existence and to destruction and after destruction. He is within us and without us. He is all pervading, all presence and all knowledge.

How can He be limited by us, human being, into certain name and form? How can He be limited in some small buildings on earth in so called church, or temple, or mosque, comparing to this vast space of unlimited infinite universe?

If we believe there is a God, and we believe in Him and love Him, how can we own Him selfishly and limit Him of his love, power, knowledge, presence and infinity only available to a particular quality of name and form? How can we use His name to hurt and torture other human being’s feelings and lives, and cause painful sorrow to others, physically and mentally, through generating invasion, wars and killings under the name of international boundary, caste, creed, sect and different names of religion, that discriminate all and everyone?

Some people need a God to be their guide in life, or else they will be lost in this ocean of ignorance, miseries and distractions.

Some people have found their own belief to be their guide to suit their own temperament and convenience, and some people have found their own Self to be the guide.

Are we not the same when death comes to us? Are we not the same when we are angry and have hatred? Are we all not the same when we cry and laugh? Are we all not the same when we want to love someone and want to be loved? Are we not the same when we are truly peaceful and compassionate?

Are we all not breathing the same air from the same space in the same universe?

Are we all not being alive by eating the food and drinking water coming from the same earth with the same sun shining on us?

Does the sun only shines on certain religion people and not to the others?

Is the air that we breathe in only accessible for ‘good’ people and not for ‘bad’ people?

Does the earth only allow certain human beings to step on it, to live on it and to put so much shit and rubbish on it, and not allowing other human beings who have different beliefs and religions to live on it?

When we lost someone that we loved so much, isn’t it the same painful sorrows for everyone with different religions, skin colours, castes, creeds, sects, languages, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, and levels of education and knowledge?

When we suffer headache, toothache, injuries or sickness, are we all not the same having pain and fear towards death and the unknown?

Every religion or philosophy talks about morality. All talk about love, peace, compassion, wisdom and selflessness. Why do human beings create so much problem and suffering out of discrimination for themselves and others? It's ignorance.

If we have established a firm discipline and self-control over our thoughts, speech and actions, we all are the same regardless of whether we believe or disbelieve in anything.

We will check all our out going thoughts, before we generate any speech and action, so that we will not harm or hurt anyone’s feelings, and will not create painful sorrow for other people, intentionally.

If there is one true religion, it is non-discriminative, purity, compassion and wisdom, it's accessible to all. All are the one same nature of impermanence and selflessness. When we realize the truth of neither good nor bad, or non-duality, it doesn’t mean that we can hurt somebody recklessly, or indulging in lustful desires and drug/intoxicant abuse, and hurt anybody’s feelings selfishly. It is about going beyond both quality of good and bad, and transcending happiness and unhappiness, enjoyment and suffering. It is void of intentional evil actions and free from craving/longing for generating and accumulating good karma from performing good actions.

It doesn’t matter if some people say that they don’t have any religion or don’t believe in spirituality at all, but maybe they are more spiritual than many people who call themselves spiritual and religious, and belong to a certain spirituality or religion. Not having a religion doesn’t mean that a person is not spiritual. Not being spiritual or religious doesn't mean that one is not peaceful, wise and compassionate. Being spiritual and religious doesn't mean that one is peaceful, wise and compassionate.

Just because it is called ‘religion’ or ’spirituality’, it should not be limited by the name and form to justify anyone is religious or spiritual, or not. It is something within us whether we are aware of it, or not, realize it, or not, calling it a religion or spirituality, or not.

It is the unconditional non-discriminative love, peace, compassion and wisdom that everyone has.

We should respect that everyone is free to do what they want to do, and think what they like to think, even if they intentionally harm themselves or others, but everyone will be responsible for the consequences of their every single action.

Everyone is free to do what they like and be responsible for themselves. Out of our own awareness, we have self-control so that our actions will not hurt other people and create painful sorrow for others, it doesn’t matter if they are our loved ones, or people that we don’t know, if we are sincere in walking the path of Yoga and want to achieve spiritual realization.

People argue about whether yoga is religious, or not. Some say yes, some say no. It really doesn’t matter if it is “religious” or “not religious”. Take away all those names and forms, and take away the mind, what left is just what it is.

May we all develop correct understanding and achieve unconditional peace and happiness in this world.

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