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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About Mumukshutva

Mumukshutva means intense yearning for liberation. It gives us the strength in developing dispassion and detachment. People who don’t have intense yearning for liberation couldn’t resist the temptations in sensual pleasures and continue to indulge in worldly enjoyments; and lack of self-discipline in the path of self-realization. There is nothing wrong in worldly enjoyments but everything is transitory and impermanent. Very soon all these enjoyments will change and disappear. In order to satisfy our desire for enjoyments, we have to spend a lot of time, energy and effort in chasing after these enjoyments which is very tiring and meaningless at the end. Because either we will get frustrated and disappointed when we couldn’t get what we want; or we will be very upset and unhappy when the enjoyments is not there for us anymore.

We can never satisfy our mind. The more the mind indulge in enjoyments; the more greedy the mind will become; and the more desires is being generated waiting to be gratified. And if the desires are not being attended or gratified, we will be so irritated, frustrated, furious and unhappy.

Most of us will need to go through so much painful sorrow and disappointment repeatedly and hurt ourselves and other beings selfishly, then only we will start to feel disgust about the fleeting sensual pleasure enjoyments and the meaningless in chasing after worldly objects.

The real Mumukshutva is not about running away from the responsibilities in our lives and afraid of the suffering in this world but it is a greater “desire” to attain purity and eternity of real happiness that is unlimited and unconditioned by time, space and causation. The real freedom and happiness that will last forever and unchanging is by attaining self-realization or enlightenment which is whole and attributeless.

At the beginning of our path we might feel difficult and have doubts all the time; and there are lots of distractions and obstacles on the path. We might fall down for many times. Sometimes the path is clear but sometimes it is very unclear to us. But with strong Mumukshutva and determination, we can march forward step by step and will reach our destination one day. Patience, courage, detachment, faith, believe, willpower and cheerfulness are the strength for us to keep going in this path towards self-realization.

May we all endowed with Mumukshutva and great strength in the path of self-realization. It is a path that we have to walk on our own but we are not alone. All our gurus, teachers (whether human beings or celestial beings) and our very own Self will always be here with us in the path, guiding us, help us and support us.

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