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Friday, December 4, 2009

About Attachment

There are many types of attachments. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative attachment, it is still attachment and will bring dissatisfaction and suffering.

All attachments spring from the basic attachment towards the body and the mind, the ego and the intellect. Without the attachment towards all these things, we won’t be having any attachments towards anything at all. When we are not attached to any of the perceptions in the mind with the functions of the senses, all the dualities in the world can not disturb or influence us. We will be unaffected by the likes and dislikes of the ego and undisturbed by the differentiation of negativity and positivity that were created by the analytical intellect.

When we are not attached to our body, We will have no fears and worries at all. When we are not attached to the selfish ego (the lower self with impurities and ignorance), We will not have anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, arrogance, low self-esteem, depression, lust, or craving and aversion.

When we still attached to the ego, we will be craving for success, acknowledgment, recognition, acceptance, appreciation, agreement, praise, compliment, encouragement, good feedback, good comments, pleasurable sensations and always looking for an opportunity to express what we know and how we feel. We will be full of ambitions that we wanted to achieve. We will be very sensitive about what others think of us and whether other people will like us or not. We will be full of unhappiness, frustration, irritation and depression whenever we receive some bad comments and bad criticisms. We will want to justify ourselves and want to prove to the world that we are good and want to gain respect, love and attention from everybody in the world.

When we attached to the ego, the ego takes control of us and expresses good feelings or bad feelings about ourselves when we encounter with something so called good or bad experiences in life. Our self-confidence is being affected very much by the things that we can do and can not do, whether we are being loved by other people or not, whether we are successful or not, whether we are important to somebody or not, whether we are being recognized or not, or whether all the things in life happen according to our wishes or not.

Usually our self-confidence are depending on the values that are being conditioned by the conception and perception of the mind and the ego. True confidence derived from independence and non-attachment towards the mind and the ego. There is no trace of low self-esteem or “I am good”, “I am bad” or “I am not good enough”. It is confidence without arrogance and selfishness.

When we attached to the mind, We will be changing from happy to unhappy and from unhappy to happy, from depressed to elevated, from elevated to depressed, whenever the mind perceives something which “makes” us happy or unhappy. Our mood is going up and down constantly. And If we attached to these moods of us and react according to all our good and bad feelings, and thus generating instability in our mind, which prevent us from experiencing peacefulness in the heart, and thus preventing wisdom to arise.

We thought that it was the things happening out there that are giving us happiness and unhappiness. But in fact it was because we are attached to the mind and whatever it perceives through the senses, for what we see, hear, smell, taste, feel and think.

Once we let go of this attachment, our heart will always be at peace, not being affected or disturbed by what is happening outside the body, and inside the body. It is like when our lives is encountering hardships and difficulties, we will still remain untouched and remain calm and peaceful. When our body is experiencing pain and discomforts or sickness, we will still remain equanomous and be at peace.

Attachment towards material and sensual enjoyments is definitely bringing lots of dissatisfaction and greed into our heart. Attachment towards praise and censures is making our confidence going up and down, and always being affected by low self-esteem and pride. When we have true confidence, there is no low self-esteem and pride.

Attachment towards achievements in spiritual practice also will bring lots of obstacles in the path towards self-realization.

It doesn’t matter what types of attachment it is, it will only bring disturbance to our heart and have no peace. We will be full of fears and worries, likes and dislikes, wants and don’t wants.

May we all be free from all attachments and be really free.

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