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Monday, August 28, 2017

Be free from ignorant expectation that leads to unnecessary disappointment

All disappointments derived from expectation. While some minds can get over disappointment easily and move on or hope for better and be driven to strive harder, but there are many minds couldn't get over it, being hammered by huge/repeated/continuous disappointment, and might fall into low self-esteem or depression, affecting one's physical and mental health as well as one's relationships with everyone in life.

Most people think and believe that all human beings need to have some sorts of expectation to motivate and push themselves in everything that they pursue to attain great achievements and to be continuously improve.

In yoga, expectation is merely part of the egoism derived from ignorance, and it is truly unnecessary. When the mind is free from egoism, there's no need to have expectation to motivate or push oneself to be good and be better, or to achieve something. One just do one's best to perform all actions and allow the result of the actions to be what it is, without being determined by the actions or the result of the actions to be 'I', to be happy, and to feel proud and meaningful, or not.

There's no disappointment when the result of the action is not as good as what we think it should be. There's no pride and arrogance when the result of the action is as good as or better than what we think it should be.

There's nothing wrong when people feel disturbed or offended or disappointed by other people didn't response to their 'friendliness' and 'kindness' the way that they think how it should be, or when other people are not interested to have any social interactions with them. But, this is truly unnecessary.

When we practice yoga, we allow everyone to be what they are, without expecting everyone should be 'good' and be 'warm' and 'nice' to all other beings, or to 'I'. We don't expect everyone should behave in the way that we think all human beings should behave, or they shouldn't behave in the way that we think they shouldn't behave. We respect everyone as they are, that different people are being different from us and everyone else. But, there are many 'good people' in the world have expectation towards how other people should and shouldn't behave, and be disappointed and disturbed when other people don't behave the way that they think they should behave, and when they behave the way that they think they shouldn't behave.

If we have expectation towards how other human beings should and shouldn't behave or interact with the rest of the society, we will be very disturbed and disappointed, when we think and believe all human beings should be 'socially active' and be 'warm' or 'nice' to each other, especially to 'I', but there are people who are not 'socially active' and didn't have the intention be 'warm' or 'nice' to other people, especially to 'I'. This disappointment is truly unnecessary, and it's derived from our own ignorant expectation. And we judge these people's way of life or behavior as 'bad and 'wrong', because we think everyone should somehow be active to 'social interact' with other human beings in a way that we think is 'good' and 'right'.

When the mind is free from ignorance, we will know that there is nothing bad and wrong in other people for being socially inactive or didn't have initiative or interest to be 'warm' or 'nice' to other people, especially to 'I'. We won't be disturbed or disappointed by other people who keep to themselves and are not actively sociable or they don't particularly do something that we think is 'warm' and 'nice' gestures.

When other people didn't have intention to disturbed or hurt us, didn't interfere with our thinking and believe, didn't criticize our way of life and behavior, and didn't intentionally do or say something that is 'not nice' to us, and allow us to be what we are, then even though they didn't do anything 'extra' that we think is 'warm' and 'nice' to other people or to 'I', they are already being very 'good' and 'kind' and 'nice' to us.

We, whom we think we are 'good people' and better human beings than other people whom we disagree with their thinking and belief, their way of life and behavior that we think is 'bad' and 'wrong', and we go around judging people and interfering with other people's thinking, belief, ways of life and behavior that we don't like and disagree with, we are actually the ones who are being 'not nice' to other people. And we get more disappointed when other people didn't show gratefulness and thankfulness and appreciation towards our 'warm' and 'nice' gestures to them, as we expect other people should be grateful and thankful and appreciate when we are being 'warm' and nice' to them. This is complete ignorant thinking and it's truly unnecessary.

Meanwhile there are people in the world who are 'socially active' and are 'warm' and 'nice' to other people all the time, especially to 'I', but at the same time, they might do and say something that would disturb or hurt other people, and interfering with other people's thinking and belief and way of life, judging and criticizing and complaining about other people, whether intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes in front of people, and other times, behind other people's back.

Be grateful and thankful that there are people who keep to themselves and don't disturb other people's life and leave us alone, that allow us to be free to be who we are, how we think, what we believe, how we live and behave, that even though they are not intentionally or particularly being 'sociable' or 'friendly' or 'warm' or 'nice' to us, but at least they didn't be 'cruel' or 'not nice' to us, or they didn't disturb and hurt us.

Allow people to be 'warm' and 'nice' to other people, or not. If people want to be 'warm' and 'nice' to us, we receive with gratitude and appreciation. If people don't have the initiative or interest to be 'warm' and 'nice', let them be. It doesn't mean that they are not good or they are bad people. Be compassionate and understanding.

It's everyone's freedom for what they want to think and believe and behave, and how they react and feel. If people want to have expectation, that's their freedom. If people feel disappointed towards something, that's also their freedom.

Be free.

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