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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Be compassionate towards suffering minds

It's not as easy as we would like it to be, to free the mind from suffering.

Though people might show sympathy towards other people's suffering, those who have always been having a good life condition, might not truly understand the suffering that some other people are going through physically, mentally and emotionally, due to some traumatic painful life experiences.

We can't tell people, "Hey, be grateful for all the little good things that you have. Stop being miserable."

We can't tell people, "Hey, be positive. Everything will be all good and nothing bad."

We can't tell people, especially when our life is in good condition, "Hey, life is so good. Don't be so unhappy and bitter."

People are allowed to be unhappy or bitter, especially when they are going through some difficult moments. It's everyone's freedom for whether they want to be free from unhappiness and bitterness, or not.

People might have gone through or are going through some really difficult or disturbing or painful moments, where we might have no idea how hard it is to be in their place. Even though people might smile, make jokes and laugh like everyone else, but deep in their mind, there might be some painful suffering that other people are unaware of.

It's not difficult for those who have realized the truth to be able to let go even the most difficult and painful experiences, without vengeance. But it's not easy for those who haven't realized the truth to let go what was/is deeply troubling their minds.

It's perfectly understandable that some of the suffering minds have become 'hard' and 'bitter', and we should be compassionate towards these minds that have become 'hard' and 'bitter' unwittingly, due to having been through some difficult traumatic life experiences that are not in their control and not what they wish for.

It's normal that the suffering minds that are 'hard' and 'bitter' would feel very uncomfortable or irritable, disturbed and disgusted when hearing the teachings of yoga about letting go, forgiveness and compassion. It might take them a long time to be able to allow the mind to be open, to be aware of the suffering, without identification with the suffering, but to stand as a witness towards all the painful life experiences, and be compassionate towards the mind has to unwittingly go through some difficult traumatic life experiences, and suffers. And as yoga teachers, we can only be compassionate towards these suffering minds without judgment, but with thorough understanding and acceptance, knowing that none can take away another person's suffering, but the mind itself to free itself from ignorance and egoism, the root cause of all suffering.

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