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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The mind only knows what it knows, and what it doesn't know, it doesn't know...

What is precious for the dispassionate is being perceived as worthless for the worldly minded, and what is meaningless for the dispassionate is being perceived as meaningful for the worldly minded.

Noble yoga practice such like renouncing the world being dispassionate and disinterest towards worldly matters, activities and social interactions, and the observation of noble silence, seclusion and solitude restricting the mind's inputs and outputs quieting the restless mind, to divert the entire energy and attention onto the sublimation of the mind, is being recognized or seen as 'abnormal', 'wrong', 'not good', 'uncivilized', 'outdated', 'rude', 'selfish', 'unfriendly', 'uncaring', 'inhuman', 'crazy', 'unhappy', 'suffering', and so on, by the worldly minded and so called 'civilized' society especially family, friends and relatives, including some of those who think they like yoga and are practicing yoga.

Everyone has the freedom of thinking, belief, opinion, expression, action, speech and way of life. What is 'abnormal' to the society, is very much based on something that is unfamiliar and unenjoyable for the majority, or something that is being different from the majority. Such like most people live a 'normal' life of mingling, mixing and socializing with other human beings building relationships, networks, connections, engaging in social interactions and activities. That is what they think is the progressive way of life to build a progressive world and society.

Meanwhile, there are some people who prefer to live a quiet life without mixing into the society. They have no intention to be different from anyone else, neither do they object or criticize other people's way of life that are different from them. They are happy as they are and they don't have to be doing something 'fun' or 'enjoyable' to make them feel happy or enjoying life. But those who attached strongly onto their particular thinking and belief and the way of life that they think is 'normal' and 'good', they might not know how to respect other human beings who are different from them, who live a way of life that is different from the majority. They expect every human beings should also follow the way of life that they think is 'normal' and 'good'. If others are not interested in the way of life that they live, they will criticize these people who live a different way of life as 'abnormal', 'not good' or 'wrong'.

They think that those who renounce the world, who stay away from the society to observe silence, seclusion and solitude, and being dispassionate and disinterest in worldly matters and social interactions and activities must be 'mad', 'mentally sick', 'unhappy', 'miserable', 'lonely' and 'suffering' people, because themselves don't enjoy or don't like being in silence, seclusion and solitude, or being by oneself without social mingling and interaction with some other human beings. They are like fish out of water. They will feel so uncomfortable, unhappy, miserable, lonely and suffer if they have to be away from mingling, socializing and interacting with some other human beings for a period of time. And so, this makes them think that those who observe silence, seclusion and solitude must be 'crazy', 'mentally sick', 'unhappy', 'miserable', 'lonely' and 'suffering'.

The worldly minded expect all human beings should conform to their worldly thinking and beliefs about all human beings should act and react or behave according to what they believe as socially acceptable behavior and proper way of life.

Such like, they think and believe that people should live life passionately towards worldly social life and activities which they believe that is what a meaningful and happy life is about, or else, life must be meaningless, dull and unhappy for those who are dispassionate and disinterest towards worldly objects of names and forms. They think that people should be doing something that they believe as 'fun' and 'enjoyable' or achieving something that they think and believe as something 'good and meaningful' to be happy and meaningful, that will make them and other people to feel proud of themselves. This is nothing wrong and it's their freedom of thinking and belief and what they want to do with their life.

"It's abnormal to not mix into the society and not having 'friends' to socialize with or not being passionate towards anything. You must be so miserable and lonely." People said.

"It's crazy to not interact or do things with other human beings. It's so ridiculous to not do something 'fun' and 'enjoyable' that will make you happy. You must be so unhappy and suffering." And they said.

"It's rude to not talking to another human being. This is so wrong, uncivilized, unfriendly and selfish behavior." So they said.

These are so called 'normal' thinking and belief of the worldly minded. They label those who don't think like them or don't believe in what they believe, who don't live life or do things like them, who don't act and react or behave like them, as 'abnormal', 'crazy', or 'uncivilized' people.

Different minds find their own paths to transcend the modification of the mind. Different minds eliminate egoism and ignorance through different paths. Some yearn for ultimate liberation, while many don't. And it's okay.

There's nothing to be argued about.

The mind only knows what it knows, and what it doesn't know, it doesn't know. And it's okay.

Those who see the preciousness of renouncing worldly ideas, passionate desires, social interactions and activities, and turning the mind inward and enjoying the silence, have nothing to be argued about with those who don't see what they see. They respect everyone to be what they are and have the freedom of thinking, belief, expression, opinion, judgment, behavior and way of life.

If majority people observe silence and take care of their own minds, and be free from egoism and ignorance, being free from desires, lust, greed, jealousy, resentment and fear, the world will be more peaceful having less human's discrimination, prejudice, clashes, conflicts, arguments, crimes, hatred and violence, that are due to impure minds under the influence of ignorance and egoism. And this has nothing to do with 'God' or 'religions' or 'spirituality'.

Om shanti.

"Let the world have its own ways. Mind your own affairs. Clean your mental factory. That man who does not interfere with others is the most peaceful man in the world." - Swami Sivananda

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