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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Self-introspection and self-discipline

None, not even our 'beloved teachers', can perform introspection for our minds to purify our impure minds, but oneself.

People might can perform research and study about other people's mind behavior, but none can remove the defects and impurities from one's mind, but oneself.

If one is capable of being aware of the pleasant and unpleasant thought activities, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions, desires, clinging, craving, aversion, and all sorts of impurities like anger, hatred, lust, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, fear and worry, and so on, then one is capable to perform self-introspection towards the thought current/activities/behavior, and perform self-inquiry into the truth of the mind and its modifications, without the need of attending 'yoga classes', without the need of supervision from a 'teacher'.

One needs to have self-discipline and perseverance to perform self-practice of self-introspection and self-inquiry on daily basis. It's checking the impurities of the mind, and safe-guarding the mind from worldly influences and distractions.

If after studying and learning the basic teachings and practice of yoga and meditation from a teacher for some time, one still gives oneself some 'excuses' about being reluctant to perform yoga and meditation practice by oneself, alone, such like -

"I don't know how to perform my yoga practice without the presence of a teacher giving me instructions on what I am supposed to be doing."

"I am lazy or demotivated or don't like to be doing yoga practice or any other beneficial activities by myself, alone, without the company of some 'friends'. I feel lonely without the 'social elements' of practicing in a group with some other people." Some people don't like being in silence with oneself even for a short period of time, without any social interaction with some other people.

"I get bored doing the same type of yoga practice repeatedly for some time." Such like, some people would feel annoyed by hearing or chanting the same chanting over and over again.

"I don't like the practice of self-introspection and self-inquiry as it shows the defects of my impure mind, and that hurts my ego and breaking the 'nice' and 'beautiful' self-image that I would like to project onto myself or to be identified with as This is who I am."

"I don't have the discipline or motivation to perform the yoga practice by myself but I have to attend 'yoga classes' to be doing some forms of 'yoga practice' as it is more 'motivating', 'interesting', 'interacting', 'fun' and 'enjoyable' with the company of some other people and under some 'motivational instructions' of a 'teacher'." Some people (the ego) rely on other people's feedback about their performance, to receive encouragement, praise and compliment, and by attaining good result or achievement, to feel confident or to feel good about themselves.

Then we are not really practicing yoga, even though we might have been attending different brand names, levels and styles of 'yoga classes', learning and doing some yoga exercises and yoga poses regularly for some time.

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