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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Busy mind?

As yoga practitioners living among the worldly society, if we notice our mind is becoming too busy with too many things, ideas, or thought activities until we couldn't sleep or rest well, and we couldn't control our speech organ that we couldn't stop talking excessively and randomly about this and that in a social conversation with other people as the mind has too many ideas that need to be expressed, or our mind is easily distracted or pulled away from our main duty and responsibility, and this drains our energy level, then know that we need to retreat our mind from the worldly social activities and objects of names and forms, such like reduce books and news reading, or TV and movies watching, or internet surfing, and minimize mingling and socializing as much as possible.

Unless the mind knows what is non-attachment towards worldly social activities and objects of names and forms, and is not disturbed or affected or influenced by all these worldly inputs, then there's no need to retreat from worldly social activities and objects of names and forms.

Untrained mind keeps looking for some sorts of entertainment or stimulation, or else it gets bored or agitated and feel meaningless.

Rendering the restless busy outgoing mind to turn inward to be quiet, is what yoga practice is about. It's quietness with clarity. It's not the type of 'dullness' or 'cloudiness' that comes from the effect of taking some mind altering substances.

For those who are not serious in their yoga practice, they don't have to observe this practice or retreat their outgoing busy minds from worldly social activities and objects. It's everyone's freedom for what they want to do with their minds.

Om shanti.

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