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Friday, April 1, 2016

Practice yoga with common sense

Though yoga is the unconditional and unlimited peace and freedom beyond the mind perception of different qualities of names and forms, and beyond the impermanent worldly life experiences, situations and conditions, we need to practice yoga (in physical form) with common sense.

The mental form of yoga practice about annihilation of ignorance, egoism, attachment, identification, craving and aversion, to have self-awareness and self-control, to be endowed with patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, adjustment, adaptation, accommodation, forgiveness, determination, perseverance and concentration, and be free from impurities, is unconditional and unlimited by time and space, situations and conditions. One can be practicing yoga at anytime and anywhere, unrestricted and undetermined by time and space, situations and conditions, physical abilities and limitations, degree of intelligence and accumulated knowledge, different religious or cultural beliefs, and different types of personalities.

Meanwhile, the physical form of yoga practice consists of Pranayama practice, Asana practice, chanting and prayer, sitting meditation, and some other form of practices that require specific time and space, appropriateness and convenience, is limited by time and space, situations and conditions. For example, it's not suitable to perform yoga asana and pranayama practice immediately after eating a heavy meal, or certain yoga poses are limited by some physical limitations and injuries or illness and they are not necessarily suitable for all and everyone, or it's not suitable to perform chanting and prayer loudly at an inconvenient time and space that would cause disturbance to other people, or people with certain illness or physical limitations can't perform sitting meditation. And it's okay. All these limitations of the physical form of yoga practice do not and will not interfere or stop one from practicing yoga unceasingly in the mind.

Practice yoga with common sense.

Om shanti.

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