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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yoga retreats in Langkawi Malaysia

The warm climate, the sea air, the slow pace of life and the tranquil environment all make Langkawi the ideal yoga destination.

If you are new to yoga, then a yoga retreat will give you a comprehensive introduction to this ancient practice. If you are already an experienced yoga practitioner then you will be able to deepen your yoga practice in a conducive setting.

  • All yoga retreats are open to all levels - beginners welcome.
  • We keep our retreats and workshops deliberately small to ensure you receive personal attention.
  • Yoga mats, towels & drinking water provided free of charge.
Yoga Retreats for people who want to practice yoga
  • minimum 4 hours yoga a day (except on Nature Discovery Retreat)
  • pranayama
  • kriyas
  • meditation
  • yoga philosophy
  • start anytime* (we arrange a retreat even if there's only one person)
  • minimum 4 days 3 nights - maximum 14 days 13 nights
 *All retreats are subject to availability

Please click on this link to our website for retreats outlines -

Please click on this link to our website for retreats pricing -

Please contact us at for further details, retreats availability and booking.

Kind regards

Marc and Meng Foong

Please visit our website for more details - Yoga Now Malaysia

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Link to Yoga Now Malaysia website

Link to Yoga Now Malaysia website
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