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Friday, January 23, 2015

Open mind - Unattached to what the mind thinks and believes...

There are certain types of thinking and beliefs that influence the egoistic mind to think, to behave, to act and react. The ego attached to certain thinking and beliefs, as well as certain qualities of names and forms to be 'I'.

When we practice yoga and meditation, it is not about comparing the different types of beliefs, to find a particular belief that meets our liking or preference to believe in, to be the guidelines for how to live our lives and how we should behave.

It is letting go of attachment towards any thinking and beliefs, allow the mind to be opened, to inquire the truth of everything, including the thinking and beliefs that are existing in the mind, as well as the teachings of yoga, without judgment, comparison, nor expectation. Stand as a witness, allows all the different thinking and beliefs, or any teachings and philosophies to be there as they are, without generate attachment of clinging or aversion, without identification with any of the thinking or beliefs to be who 'I' am, or who 'I' am not.

Some people have intense disagreement or aversion towards 'open mind', as 'open mind' is being misunderstood as self-indulgent without morality and self-control, nor having any restraints to do whatever we like and want to do, completely surrender to the passionate desires of craving and aversion, to attain what we want to attain disregard whether it will generate harmful effects onto ourselves and others, as well as indulge in unrestrained love affairs or relationships with different people without responsibility nor commitment, and allowing everything that the mind comes in contact with to influence its thinking and behavior, and taking whatever kinds of thinking and beliefs to be who 'I' am.

The witness stays unchanged, unaffected, undisturbed, uninfluenced and undetermined by the act of witnessing, or the objects being witnessed.

Om shanti.

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