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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yoga practice?

An honest and thoughtful feedback coming from a retreat guest who might have missed out the teachings of yoga about non-attachment, patience, acceptance, tolerance and accommodation during the yoga class, as the mind was being disturbed by the sounds of the airplanes, showed dissatisfaction and disappointment about the occasional sounds of the airplanes during the yoga sessions.

Everyone has the freedom to give their point of views and review about their personal experience.

There's nothing wrong if some of the guests might not like the sounds of airplanes flying over the sky, or feel annoyed or disturbed by some sounds coming from the surrounding environment. Even at the old yoga studio we would hear the occasional sounds of the airplanes flying over the sky, as well as some loud music from the houses nearby, and some 'strange' noise coming from our neighbour's house EVERY morning clearing his nose and throat for about half an hour, where anyone who practice yoga and compassion shouldn't be disturbed by it.

If we truly practice yoga, we are letting go of craving and aversion, the craving for a particular type of environment, and the aversion towards a particular type of environment to practice yoga. We learn to not attach to the objects of the senses, remain equanimous, undisturbed and undetermined by the impermanent qualities of names and forms, or the pleasant and unpleasant experiences coming from the reactions of the egoistic mind based on the likes and dislikes of the egoism.

Yoga practice is everywhere and anytime, under any conditions and situations. It's about being aware of the reality and allow the reality to be what it is, not necessarily it is the way that we like it to be, or the way that we think it should be.

If we think we can only practice 'yoga' or 'meditation' in a particular environment, time and space, or will only feel happy and satisfied when everything is the way that we like it to be, then we don't really practicing yoga and meditation, but just doing some so call 'yoga' and 'meditation' practice, the way that we like it to be.

We actually find the occasional sounds of airplanes are quite helpful to allow the teacher to have a few moments of break from giving teachings until the sounds pass away within a few seconds, to allow the students to practice non-attachment, patience, acceptance, tolerance and accommodation, as well as to have a few moments of break to be in silence to digest the teachings, and to help to wake up those who fell asleep while listening to the 'boring' teachings about yoga.

Thank you for the honest feedback. It allows us to reflect upon it.

Be happy.

Om shanti.

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