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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's all about our own practice, it's not about how and what other people practice...

Yoga practice is a self-cultivation through one's effort, self-control and self-discipline based on one's temperament, characteristics, needs and requirements. It has nothing to do with how much or how often other people perform their practice, or what do other people practice or don't practice, or how other people perform their practice, or what do other people achieve from their own practice.

We can't even compare with, or try to imitate the people who teach and guide us to perform our yoga practice (our yoga teachers). How do the teachers perform their practice, or what the teachers practice or don't practice, and what do the teachers achieve in their own practice, has nothing to do with the students own practice and achievements. It is not about the teacher being a role model, so that we can become like the teacher.

Just like medical treatments or prescriptions. Every patient is not necessarily having the same type of disease, nor will be receiving the same type of treatment or prescription. A doctor cannot prescribe one single treatment and drug for all types of disease, nor give the same dosage of drug for everyone with different types of condition. It is based on individual conditions, needs and reactions towards the medical treatments and prescriptions. And the doctor's personal health condition has nothing to do with the patients' health conditions.

By looking at other people eating some food, doesn't remove our hunger. What other people can digest with their body, and how other people react towards the same food, has nothing to do with our own digestion and reaction towards the same food.

By looking at and knowing about the teachers' yoga practice doesn't remove our ignorance, egoism and attachment, nor make us be free from suffering and unhappiness.

Om shanti.

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