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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


  • The root cause of suffering and unhappiness.
  • Identifying with the impermanent qualities of names and forms as who we are, which we are not.
  • Seeing the unreal as real, and seeing the real as unreal.
  • Not knowing the truth of who "I" am.
  • Forsake Dharma (which is in harmony with the law of nature), and embrace Adharma (which goes against the law of nature).
  • Attachment towards worldly self-image or worldly identity that attached to and identifies with certain qualities of names and forms.
  • Attachment towards all our actions and the fruit of the actions.
  • Natural habit of the mind which constantly and autonomously reacts without awareness towards the objects of the senses, being influenced by egoism, attachments, likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, craving and aversion, dualism, selfish desires, selfish intention, selfish expectation, and impurities like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, pride, arrogance, feelings of hurt, animosity, ill-will, fear and worry.
  • Seeking freedom, satisfaction, confidence, meaningfulness, love, peace and happiness from without (of the impermanent qualities of names and forms).
  • Being ignorant about ignorance.

Ignorance has nothing to do with the amount of accumulated worldly knowledge, level of intelligence, level of education, religious beliefs, living skills, physical condition and abilities, years of yoga practice, years of teaching yoga, years of studying about the teachings of yoga, social status, financial status, achievements in life, academic, career or relationships. As ignorance, egoism, attachment and impurities are not determined by all these qualities of names and forms. It doesn't matter who or what we think we are and how we are, we still can be influenced very much by ignorance, egoism, attachment and impurities, and have no peace, constantly being disturbed, affected, influenced and determined by all the qualities of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses of what it sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches and thinks/believes.

We only know what we know, and see what we see. What is beyond our knowledge and sight, we don't know and we don't see. We cannot argue with anyone who doesn't know what we know, who doesn't see what we see. When we realize what others haven't realized, when we see what others don't see, there is no argument with anyone nor criticism about things that others don't know and don't see.

Be open-minded. Be free.

Om shanti.

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