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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy or not, is nothing to do with 'God'...

'God' doesn't make us happy or unhappy.

'God' doesn't give us happiness or unhappiness.

There's no need to blame 'God' when we are not happy. Same as there's no need to credit 'God' when we are happy. 'God' won't mind. As how can 'God' minds if He is almighty?

As even 'God' is almighty, He doesn't stop us from being happy or unhappy.

He allows us to feel what we want to feel, think what we want to think, say and do what we want to say and do.

It is our own full responsibility for our own becoming and feelings.

If we want to do good, we can do good even if we don't believe in 'God'. If we want to do bad, we can do bad even if we do believe in 'God'.

And so, stop dragging 'God' into our daily life matters...

Let 'God' be in peace, if we love 'God'.

Om shanti.

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