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Friday, January 3, 2014

Freedom, peace and happiness is in this present moment now, it's not in the future after death...

"If the people who do a lot of good actions and they will go to heaven after death, and the people who do a lot of bad actions and they will go to hell after death, then where will the people go after death, if they do equal amount of good and bad actions? It seems like these people are not qualified for heaven or hell... And if according to the teachings in certain religions, that if their followers have not perfected themselves in accordance to the religious teachings, or they abandon or stop practicing the teachings of their religion, then they will be judged as sinful beings, and will be punished in this life time by their religion authorities, as well as they will be condemned to hell after death, then why do people still want to get involve in these religions and be 'conditioned' and 'restricted' in such religious teachings?"

If anyone takes up Buddhism or Yoga practice, and then abandons the practice, or has not attain perfection or success in the practice, or is not behaving in accordance to the observances in the teachings of Buddhism or Yoga, there is no such judgment of being sinful, nor there will be punishment from any 'authorities', as there is no 'authority' in Buddhism and Yoga practice. If there is an authority that will be there to punish us for behaving 'badly' under the Buddhism or Yoga practice, then this person will be our own self. We are the witness of the consequences of our own actions, that's all.

The only common thing is that there will be pleasant and unpleasant consequences of actions, it doesn't matter if we are having a religion or not, or whether we are practicing the teachings of Buddhism and Yoga or not, or whether we perform all these practices correctly or not. But the consequences of our actions are not necessarily based on the standards coming from our mind about what are right and wrong actions, good and bad actions, as what our mind believes what things are, is not necessary the truth of what things really are.

When we expect to receive certain pleasant consequences coming from our 'right' and 'good' actions, but then what we actually experience are really unpleasant consequences, then know that either it is because what our mind believes what is right and good is not necessarily the truth of what things really are. It is not because the law of Karma or cause and effect is not true. Or it is because the real consequences or the end result have yet to be ripened. Be patient to see the end result of our actions.

The point is, if we are practicing Buddhism or Yoga, we do not attach to our actions, nor have any expectation towards the result of our actions, but to allow the result or the fruit of actions to be what they are. It is about perform all our actions without attachment towards our actions and the fruit of our actions.

Freedom, peace and happiness is in this present moment now, it is not in the future after death, whether we will go to heaven or hell according to our behavior in this life experience. As freedom, peace and happiness is nothing to do with being in heaven or hell, or "somewhere in between" after death. It is in this present moment now, whether we are free from egoism and ignorance, or not.

May all be free.

Om shanti.

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