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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Be free from craving for love

Some feel hurt when they think there's no one love them. Some feel hurt when they think they love someone whom they don't really love. Some feel hurt when they are loved by someone who doesn't really love them. Some feel hurt when they aren't getting the love that they want. Some feel hurt when they are losing the love that they like. No matter what, people will feel hurt, whether they want to love someone, or they want to be loved by someone.

There's nothing wrong with 'love'. People say 'love' hurts and advise other people not to love, if they don't want hurt. This is incorrect understanding.

It's the desires of craving towards 'love' and the aversion towards 'love-less', and the expectation towards how 'love' should be like, is why people feel hurt, or lonely, dissatisfied, disappointed, unhappy, depressed, meaningless, miserable, or suffer, when they want to love or be loved by someone.

Realize what is 'love' and learn how to love, is yoga.

Be free from craving for love, whether from family, love relationship, friendship, community, or any other forms of beings and objects of names and forms.

When the mind is free from craving for love, there is peace, it doesn't matter one is loving someone, or not, and whether one is loved by someone, or not.

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