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Friday, September 22, 2017

My ego?

Some think and say, "I have a good, happy and kind mind. My mind is good, happy and kind."

Some also think and say, "I have a good, happy and kind ego. My ego is good, happy and kind."

The one who claims possession or ownership towards the mind or the ego, and being satisfied and proud of 'my good, happy and kind mind/ego', is the ego itself.

There is a separateness between 'I' and the object that 'I' thinks it belongs to 'I', that 'I' thinks and believes as 'mine', but at the same time, there is also self-identification that identifies itself as the object that 'I' think it's 'mine'. Such like, "I have a beautiful body and my mind is happy. I am beautiful and happy." or "I don't have a beautiful body and my mind is not happy. I am not beautiful and not happy."

Whatever names and forms that the ego claims ownership and identification are just what they are and they are impermanent. They change as they are, they come and go as they are, they don't belong to 'I', and they are not 'I'. There is no 'I' in control of all the impermanent changes in all the names and forms.

Somehow, there is this idea of 'I' exists in the mind claiming identification, possession, ownership and control towards all these impermanent names and forms. Such like, "I want myself, my life, my mind and my body to be like this and not like that." or, "I want my appearance and my relationships to be like this and not like that." and so on. And the consequences of the idea of 'I' and the desire of 'I want everything to be the way that I like it to be' are restlessness full of mind impurities of dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, annoyance, anger, hatred, jealousy, hurt, regret, guilt, animosity, ill-will, offensiveness, defensiveness, pride, arrogance, depression, aggression, violence, discrimination, grief, sadness, painful sorrow, loneliness, meaninglessness, fear and worry. All these are the by-products of egoism of attachment, clinging, identification, desires of craving and aversion, judgment and expectation.

Meanwhile, when the ego wants to claim ownership and identification with certain qualities of names and forms, it also doesn't want to be related or connected to, or be identified with certain qualities of names and forms that it doesn't like or doesn't want, that it perceives as something 'bad', 'wrong', 'negative', 'meaninglessness', 'unhappiness' and 'suffering', based on a particular thinking, belief, cultural or religious teaching and practice about what is 'good and bad', 'right and wrong', 'positive and negative', 'meaningfulness and meaninglessness', 'happiness and unhappiness', 'pleasurable enjoyment and painful suffering'.

None can liberate another being. None can free the mind from ignorance and egoism, but the mind itself.

There is no 'I'. There is no 'my mind' or 'my ego' or 'my body'. It's just the mind, the ego and the body. And they are impermanent.

The mind, the ego and the body are just what they are. They are neither good nor bad. But due to ignorance and egoism, suffering arise. That's all.

Reflect and realize and be free.

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