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Monday, January 2, 2017

Pride and arrogance

One of the significant characteristics of the ego is pride and arrogance.

The ego is being proud and arrogant about one's worldly identity, personal thinking and belief, cultural practice, spiritual practice, religion, family background, origin, nationality, race, standard of living, lifestyle, conducts, way of doing things, social circle, social status, profession, career, special talent or skill, position held in a community or company or organization, intelligence, accumulated knowledge and experience, qualifications and achievements, social image, physical appearance and condition, physical and mental ability, relationships, contributions, self-righteousness, and etc, thinking that 'I' am better and more superior than other people, as well as this ego has the urge to interfere with other people's thinking and belief, way of doing things, lifestyle, conducts and everything thing else that are different from oneself, that the ego thinks they are less good and more inferior than all the qualities that it possessed and identified with.

The ego thinks that it is better, more intelligent and experienced, and more successful than other people, that it has a 'duty' or 'responsibility' to interfere with other people's choice of way of living and conduct that is different from its own. It thinks that it is instilled with some kind of 'authority' or 'aspiration' from 'something higher above all human beings' to 'guide' or 'inspire' other people's life by 'helping' them to 'change' everything about them that the ego thinks is less good and inferior than itself.

If other people don't agree with, or follow, or show interest in the 'kind' advice or suggestion from this ego, it will feel disturbed, offended, disappointed, disrespected, or humiliated. "I am giving you 'something very good', how come you don't appreciate?"

Meanwhile, this prideful and arrogant ego doesn't like it when other people try to interfere with it's thinking and belief, way of life and conduct, or giving advice, suggestion or opinion to this ego that they think is 'better' or 'more superior'.

Those who are free from pride and arrogance will allow other people to be prideful and arrogant, to give their advice, suggestion or opinion, but one is undetermined by it. One will consider the advice that is useful, but ignore the advice that is irrelevant.

'Yoga practitioners' and those who identifies themselves as 'yoga teachers' who are sincere in the path of yoga, are not being here to 'interfere' or 'change' or 'influence' or 'advise' everyone to also practice yoga and follow the way of life of yoga, it doesn't matter it's out of loving kindness or goodwill or good intention. 'Yoga teachers' or 'yoga practitioners' are just being here to sincerely perform their own practice to be free from ignorance and egoism and realize selflessness and unconditional peace. At the same time, 'yoga practitioners' or 'yoga teachers' who have the opportunity to 'share' their own practice and realization or insights with other people can disseminate the teachings of yoga without the sense of 'duty', attachment, identification and expectation, and selflessly guide those who are interested in yoga onto the path of yoga, without pride and arrogance of oneself being a 'yoga practitioner' or 'yoga teacher', and towards one's actions and the fruit of one's actions.

It's everyone's freedom whether one performs actions out of egoism, pride and arrogance, or being free from egoism, pride and arrogance.

Beware of the characteristics of the ego. Such like, "I am doing something good and meaningful.", "I am contributing to the society or the world.", "I am a good being and I 'want' other people also to be good beings.", "Yoga is so good, everyone should also practice yoga.", and so on.

Be free.

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