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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Selflessness is not 'unselfishness'

Self-inquiry is the core of all kinds of yoga and meditation practice to inquire into the truth of "who am I", or what the mind think and believe is 'myself', and to attain self-realization of knowing who/what is 'I'.

Selflessness is the realization derived from the inquiry of who/what is this 'I'. It's what all and everything are.

'I' is the ignorance of an identification of an individual being whom attached onto certain qualities of names and forms (the physical body, the thinking mind, the knowledge, the thinking and belief, the physical and mental ability and limitation, the action and the result of the action, the achievements, the possessions, the relationships with other beings and objects, the family/ethnicity/cultural/nationality/community/spirituality/educational/political background, the living environment and condition, the lifestyle and all the life experiences, and so on) to be identified as "This is who/what I am". And yet, the existence and the function and all the impermanent changes of the body and the mind is not in the control of 'I', or 'anyone', but all and everything are ceaselessly changing under the nature law of cause and effect, arising and passing away.

Selflessness is the realization of 'I' doesn't exist. There is no 'I' in anything and everything of different names and forms that are subject to impermanence, the law of nature. And hence, there is no 'my' and 'mine'. And this realization leads to no 'separateness', no 'discrimination', no 'clinging', no 'connections', no 'relationships', no 'family', no 'ethnicity', no 'friends', no 'enemies', no 'pride', no 'humiliation', no 'hurts', no 'fear', no 'worry', no 'gain', no 'loss', no 'loneliness', no 'suffering', no 'end of suffering'.

Selflessness is not the opposite of selfishness. Selflessness is not unselfishness.

Selflessness is nothing to do with being unselfish or being free from selfishness.

There is no 'I' existing to be identified as selfish being, or "I am selfish".

There is no 'I' existing to be identified as unselfish being, or "I am not selfish".

Upon the realization of selflessness, there is no selfishness or unselfishness.

There's no "I want/don't want to be selfish".

The one who is being selfish or unselfish is just the mind that hasn't realized selflessness, that is functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism, that give rise to separateness, discrimination, connection, relationship, superiority, inferiority, selfishness, greed, pride, shame, hurts, unrest, fear, worry, offensiveness, defensiveness, and etc, while acting and reacting under the influence of egoism being determined by all these defilement, either wittingly or unwittingly.

Be free.

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