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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Do things that will make you happy" is not yoga practice

There's nothing wrong with "Do things that will make you happy", just that it is not yoga practice.

The one who needs to do or achieve something that it thinks will make it happy in order to be happy, is the ego. This happiness coming from doing or achieving something that will make the egoistic mind happy, is impermanent. It's everyone's freedom whether people choose to enjoy impermanent conditional happiness, or people wish to realize unconditional peace and happiness.

At one moment people celebrate and be happy about something that they like and agree with, at another moment people mourn and suffer about the same thing that has changed into something that they dislike and disagree with.

Yoga is the realization of selflessness, being free from egoism, or the ego, or the idea of 'I' and the desires that derive from 'I'.

By feeding the egoistic desires or the fulfillment of the desires of 'I' might give the egoistic mind momentary happy feelings and satisfactory, but it doesn't take away the unhappiness or dissatisfaction that derives from unfulfilled desires and losing the possessed happiness and satisfactory.

Yoga practice is to stop feeding the ego and its desires.

Be free from the ego, there's no need to rely or depend on any impermanent qualities of names and forms (objects, experiences, actions, results, possessions, kindness, knowledge, acknowledgements, supports, connections, relationships, companionship, conditions, abilities, and etc) to be happy, or not.

The selfless being doesn't need to find happiness or be happy. One is happy as it is.

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