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Friday, October 7, 2016


Disappointment is coming from unfulfilled expectation towards people, society, objects or experiences about everyone and everything have to be the way that we think they should be, which is based on our family brought up, religious and cultural belief and practice, social ethics, personal thinking and belief, likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, as well as desires of want and don't want. It isn't coming from people, society, objects or experiences that we think are 'wrong', 'bad', or 'inappropriate'. All these names and forms don't and couldn't disappoint us or make us unhappy. It's our own mind's reaction that generates disappointment in us towards someone or something that we don't like or don't agree with.

Respect everyone and everything have the freedom to be what they are, even if our mind doesn't like or doesn't agree with them.

After performing actions that we think and believe as 'good, 'kind', and 'generous', allow the result of the actions to be what it is, and allow everyone to show appreciation, gratefulness and thankfulness, or not. There's nothing wrong with people who don't appreciate or be grateful for something that we believe as 'good', 'kind' and 'generous'. It's our mind believing that 'this is wrong' or 'it shouldn't be like this' that generates disappointment in us. There's nothing wrong with the mind feels disappointed towards someone or something, because that is how the mind works under the influence of ignorance.

Practice yoga of non-attachment, dispassion and renunciation, if we truly want to be free from ignorance which is the cause of all kinds of unhappiness and suffering.

Abandon worldly thinking and belief about how human beings or people should or shouldn't behave, act and react.

Love the world as it is, even if it is not the way that we like it to be.

Do our best to help the world to improve, but without attachment towards the actions and the result of the actions.

Be free.

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