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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Minds that perceive and react towards all the names and forms under the influence of ignorance and egoism according to worldly thinking and beliefs, might interpret the practice of non-attachment means being actionless, that we don't care for anything, whether it's about ourselves or the world that we live in, that we shouldn't perform any actions to improve the well-being of our body and mind, and the world we live in, as our mind thinks that all our actions or efforts to improve ourselves and the world are meaningless because the mind gets depressed and frustrated about the impermanent conditions of the worldly existence, that everything will decay and come to an end eventually, no matter how much actions we performed and how much improvement we could achieve, as well as the mind is being depressed about situations that we can't control or change to be the way that we think it should be, or how we would like it to be. But this is just the ego being depressed and feels meaningless and demotivated due to its own attachment, identification and expectation towards it's actions and the fruit of its actions, this is not what the practice of non-attachment is about.

Just like keeping calm doesn't mean being actionless. It's the same as being actionless doesn't mean that the mind is calm and peaceful. One's body and mind can be performing actions but the mind is unattached towards the actions and the fruit of actions, and thus it's unaffected, undisturbed and undetermined by the actions or the fruit of actions, and allowing the fruit of actions to be what it is.

Realize what is non-attachment and be free, disregard whether the body and mind is performing action, or not.

Without attachment or identification with the impermanent worldly existence of the body and mind as who we are, and without attachment or possessiveness towards the world and its impermanent conditions and situations that 'This is my/our world and I/we want my/our world to be like this and not like that', we can be performing actions to maintain or improve the well-being of the life existence of this body and mind and the world we live in, but we do not attach towards the actions and the fruit of the actions, and be unaffected, undisturbed and undetermined by the actions and the fruit of actions. There's neither motivation, pride and arrogance nor depression, frustration, dissatisfaction, disappointment, anger, meaninglessness or demotivation.

If we don't know what is non-attachment and if we perform actions out of egoism with attachment, identification, intention and expectation, then we (the minds) will be affected, disturbed and determined by our actions and the fruit of actions, we will feel motivated, proud and arrogant when we see the results that we want to see, and we will feel depressed, dissatisfied, disappointed, frustrated, angry and demotivated when after we performed actions, we don't see the results that we would like to see, or the conditions and situations are not improving or changing into the way that how we would like it to be, or the way that what we think it should be. We either think that we are not good enough, or we criticize other beings are not good enough, when we don't get the support or cooperation from other beings that we think we should be getting, that we think all beings are obliged to support and perform the actions that we think we all should be performing.

There is nothing wrong when we think we are good beings, we want to be good beings, we want to do good, we think what we do is good, we want the world to be good, and we expect the world to be good the way that we think it should be, but this is not what yoga is about.

Be free to perform actions for ourselves and the world, but without attachment, identification, intention and expectation.

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